Closed for June – Invasion from the Far, Far East

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Howdy, BugFans,

Wisconsin’s Invasive Species month and the BugLady’s month off are drawing to a simultaneous end, and she will be back “live” next week. Not surprisingly, her search for random insects during the past month has gleaned plenty of dragonflies.

Here’s the story of two Hymenopteran invaders of Asian origin – the Asian needle ant and, of course, the latest on the Asian Murder hornet (which entomologists would prefer that we call, less prejudicially, the Asian Giant Hornet).

And, on another topic, a long and thought-provoking account of modern pesticides and how they affect bird populations both directly, through ingestion, and indirectly, through their impact on “non-pest” insects. The BugLady doesn’t like collateral damage!

The BugLady