All undergraduate students from each engineering discipline are required to complete a Senior Design Project to graduate from the College of Engineering & Applied Science. This is a full semester course offering when students work in teams to apply the skills they have learned in the classroom to a specific product or project challenge.

How It Works

Senior Design Projects take place in both the fall and spring depending on the student’s expected graduation date. A project is chosen by the student to best represent their interests, learning and any research they have performed as an undergraduate. Businesses that would like to present a challenge to our students are welcome to participate in the class to allow our students to work on a real-world project.

Industry Sponsor Commitments

To participate in the program, a business provides an engineer mentor to work with the project team. Additionally, each company must submit a letter of intent and a project application containing:

  • Project Title
  • Sponsor Company
  • Sponsor Contact
  • Industry Sector
  • Project Goals


If your business is interested in challenging our students with a Senior Design Project, contact:

Michael G. Andrew
Director of Corporate Relations
Office of the Dean
UWM College of Engineering & Applied Science
Office: 414-251-8313
Mobile:  262-239-5252