All undergraduate students from each engineering or computer science discipline are required to complete a Senior Design project. This is a full-semester course where students work in teams to apply the skills they have learned in the classroom to a specific product or project challenge.

How It Works

Senior Design courses take place in fall and spring, depending on the student’s expected graduation date. Students choose the project that best represents their interests, learning and any research they have performed as an undergraduate. Businesses that would like to present a challenge to our students are welcome to participate in the class to allow our students to work on a real-world project.

Companies gain by:

  • Addressing challenges you might not have had resources to tackle
  • Enabling you to scout engineering and computer science talent
  • Recommending solutions that could provide cost savings
  • Providing real-world challenges

Industry Sponsor Commitments

To participate in the program, a business provides an engineer mentor to work with the project team. Additionally, each company must submit a letter of intent and a project application containing:

  • Project Title
  • Sponsor Company
  • Sponsor Contact
  • Industry Sector
  • Project Goals


If your business is interested in challenging our students with a Senior Design Project, contact:

Mark Meier, College of Engineering & Applied Science Office of Research