Applying to the Science Education post-baccalaureate program requires some advance planning on your part. Following these steps will help to ensure a smooth application process.

  1. Submit a request for transcript evaluation

    The program director will review your previous coursework and determine which courses will meet program requirements for teacher certification. The request should be submitted before or at the time of applying for admission to the program.

  2. Meet with your academic advisor

    Schedule a meeting with a School of Education academic advisor to discuss the post-baccalaureate program requirements and your eligibility for admission to the program. You can schedule and appointment by calling 414-229-4721.

    (Last names A – L) – Andrea Azarian,
    (Last names M – Z) – Tammy Wallhausser,

  3. Submit the UW System application for admission to UWM

    The UW System application is required even if you have applied or attended UWM previously as an undergraduate, graduate, or University Special student.

    In completing the UW System application, attend to the following:

    1. It is important that you answer the initial questions in a specific way to ensure that your application is coded correctly.
      1. When asked, “Are you applying for a degree or a few courses?” you must select “Degree.”
      2. When asked, “Are you looking to earn a bachelor’s degree or graduate degree?” you must select “Bachelor’s Degree.”
    2. Select UW-Milwaukee as the campus to which you are applying.
    3. When you arrive at the “Choose your major/program” page. Select “Education & Training” and then select your program.
    4. Select your desired semester/start term and continue with the remainder of the application.
    5. Important Note: For the essay portion of the application, type the following: “I am applying to pursue a post-baccalaureate teaching certification.”
    6. Required: Official transcripts from all institutions where undergraduate and graduate credit has been earned, except UWM. Transcripts should be sent directly from your institution(s) to UWM.
  4. Submit a Criminal Background Check (CBC)

    The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) requires that all applicants to an educator preparation program pass a Criminal Background Check (CBC) prior to admission. CBCs previously completed for employment or other purposes cannot be used to satisfy this requirement. You cannot be admitted or enroll in professional education courses until your CBC has cleared. 

    UWM uses CastleBranch to process our admission CBCs. The fee for this CBC is $40 however, through June 1, 2024, we are offsetting this cost for students by $27. Once you are admitted, $27 will be credited to your UWM student account. To proceed with the CastleBranch CBC, please follow the link to the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee – School of Education portal:

    • Choose the option for General Admissions
    • Be sure that you also complete the Background Information Disclosure (BID) form
    • If you have questions about this process, contact the CastleBranch Service Desk at (888) 914-7279 or email

    Criminal Background Check Requirements

  5. Apply for Student Teaching

    You will be required to complete student teaching during the last semester of your program. Student teaching placements are not automatic. Students must apply for student teaching, be approved, and register for a student teaching course, in order to student teach. Those applying for admission to the Science program must submit their online Student Teaching Application no later than April 28, 2024. You can complete your student teaching application here: Student Teaching Application.

  6. Complete the following application form

Mailing Address(Required)
Do you intended to pursue a master’s degree with your teaching certification?
Bachelor’s Degree Information
Acknowledgement: By submitting this form, I am applying for admission to Science Education post-baccalaureate program. I acknowledge that I have completed the following:
  • Met with an academic advisor.
  • Submitted a request for a transcript evaluation.
  • Submitted a Criminal Background Check.
  • Submitted a Student Teaching Application.
  • Submitted the Online UW-System application for admission to UWM.
  • Requested official transcripts be sent to UWM as part of my UW-System application (if applicable).
Once the Submit button is clicked, your application will be submitted, and the page will reload. You will receive a confirmation email.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.