Two New C21 Publications: Richard Grusin in Ambienti Mediali and Fata Morgana

Ambienti Mediali book coverCenter for 21st Century Studies Director Richard Grusin has contributed a chapter on “Datamediation” for the new book Ambienti Mediali, edited by Pietro Montani, Dario Cecchi, and Martino Feyles. Featuring work by former C21 Ph.D. fellow Angela Maiello, Bernard Stiegler, Francesco Casetti, and others, Ambienti Mediali explores the various ways our everyday environment(s) are constituted by and through media technologies, as well as how media shapes our interactions within such spaces.

Additionally, Dr. Grusin was recently interviewed in the current issue of Fata Morgana about historical and current understandings of “medium” within media studies.

You can read the full interview here.