Special Discount: Get 40% Off Select University of MN Press Books by Long 2020 Speakers

In honor of C21’s upcoming collaboration with the University of Minnesota Press, you can now get a special discount on select books by authors participating in our The Long 2020 series!

Get 40% off when you order select University of MN Press books using promo code MN87610. (Promotion expires August 1, 2021.)

The following books are eligible for this promotion:

Ends of Cinema (Ed. Richard Grusin, 2020)
After Extinction (Ed. Richard Grusin, 2018)
Anthropocene Feminism (Ed. Richard Grusin, 2017)
The Nonhuman Turn (Ed. Richard Grusin, 2015)
Veer Ecology (Ed. Jeffrey Jerome Cohen and Lowell Duckert, 2017)
Prismatic Ecology (Ed. Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, 2013)
Exposed (Stacy Alaimo, 2016)
How to Do Things with Sensors (Jennifer Gabrys, 2019)
Program Earth (Jennifer Gabrys, 2016)
The Microbial State (Stefanie R. Fishel, 2017)
Timescales (Ed. Bethany Wiggin, Carolyn Fornoff, and Patricia Eunji Kim, 2020)
HIV Exceptionalism (Adia Benton, 2015)
Aspirational Fascism (William E. Connolly, 2017)
Identity/Difference (William E. Connolly, 2002)
Neuropolitics (William E. Connolly, 2002)
The Ethos of Pluralization (William E. Connolly, 1995)
A Leftist Ontology (Ed. Carsten Strathausen, 2009)
Skepticism, Individuality, and Freedom (Ed. Bonnie Honig and David R. Mapel, 2002)
The Reorder of Things (Roderick A. Ferguson, 2012)
Aberrations in Black (Roderick A. Ferguson, 2003)
It Won’t Be Easy (Tom Rademacher, 2017)
Superhumanity (Ed. Nick Axel, Beatriz Colomina, Nikolaus Hirsch, Anton Vidokle, and Mark Wigley, 2018)
Aesthetic Subjects (Ed. Pamela R. Matthews and David McWhirter, 2003)
Manhattan Atmospheres (David Gissen, 2013)

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