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The call for Collaboratory proposals is currently closed. Please see below for more information on our Collaboratory program, and look for the open call for 2020-21 proposals here in the spring.

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The Center for 21st Century Studies Collaboratory program offers grants for research collaborations among faculty, graduate students, and academic staff. The aim of the Collaboratory program is twofold: to encourage faculty to engage in ongoing collaborative activities and to seek funding to support these activities. Collaborative groups will include researchers from more than one unit (i.e., department, division, or college). Potential participants do not need to be limited to UWM, but could also be drawn from other local universities, community organizations, or from members of the Milwaukee-area public.  

Collaboratories should focus on critical, public, or digital humanities projects, or some combination thereof:

  • Critical humanities projects will include scholarly research such as academic publications, conferences, summer schools or institutes, or other ongoing collaborative work
  • Public humanities projects will communicate humanities research outside the walls of the university to engage with local, regional, and national community issues and should be geared toward addressing them through civic, community, or policy engagement
  • Digital humanities projects could include the remediation of print texts and artifacts in digital formats, the creation of new critical methodologies for analyzing digital media or data, or creative engagement with digital tools and techniques

Collaboratories should be designed as potentially renewable collaborations. Support for engaging in successful collaborative research will be provided by C21 in conjunction with the Office of Research’s Collaborate@UWM. Collaborative groups are eligible for up to $2500 in funding, which may be spent on invited speakers or workshop leaders, student support, equipment, books, travel for Collaboratory members, and other expenses approved by C21. Proposed budgets are subject to modification by C21 after formal review. Collaboratories are potentially renewable for up to three years, contingent on reapplication and annual review.

Collaboratory Requirements

  • Collaboratory participants must include researchers from more than one unit (i.e., department, division, or college) and may include graduate students, academic staff, and community members
  • Collaboratories must apply for at least one external or internal grant per year; C21 and the Office of Research will assist as needed with grant preparation
  • Collaboratories will be expected to meet at least once a month. C21 will make space available on the 9th floor of Curtin, including the library and seminar room

How to Apply

Proposals, which should not exceed 1000 words, should have five components: an explanation of the research problem; the organizing logic for the composition of the group’s members; a description of Collaboratory activities; names and brief descriptions of one or more grants for which the Collaboratory will apply; and an estimated budget. Each Collaboratory group should have a single UWM principal investigator (PI), who will be responsible for receiving and disbursing funds and for reporting on the group’s activities at year’s end.

Applications for Returning Collaboratories

Current Collaboratories must reapply with the following information in a single PDF:

  • Names of members (noting any changes)
  • A new budget for the 2019-20 fiscal year
  • 2 paragraphs describing the Collaboratory’s accomplishments in the previous year
  • 2-3 paragraphs on the proposed activity for the 2019-20 fiscal year. The proposed activity should address how it builds on the activities of the prior year
  • What grants the Collaboratory will apply for (or has applied for, if grant activity occurred in 2018-19)

C21 encourages questions and inquiries, particularly from those who are interested in proposing new Collaboratories.

Questions and inquiries should be sent to ryanme@uwm.edu.

This program is sponsored by the College of Letters and Science, the Office of the Provost, and the Office of Research.

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