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Venn diagramUnder the rubric C21 Collaboratory, the Center for 21st Century Studies offers multiple grants for research collaborations among faculty, graduate students, and academic staff. Intended to encourage both interdisciplinary collaboration and broader participation in Center programming, collaborative groups are required to include researchers from more than one unit (i.e., department, division, or college). Potential participants could also be drawn from other local universities, community organizations, or from members of the Milwaukee-area public.

Collaborative groups should focus on critical, public, or digital humanities projects, or some combination thereof. These groups should be designed as ongoing collaborations which would be renewable, both to provide continuity in C21 research initiatives and to build towards larger and more inclusive events, programming, funding. Support for engaging in successful collaborations will be provided by C21 in conjunction with the Office of Sponsored Research.

Group activities might include common readings and discussions; workshops with internal or external participants; inviting speakers for informal workshops or other interactive sessions; sponsoring formal C21 lectures/brown bags; staging exhibitions or other public events. The Center’s aim is to encourage some of these groups (as appropriate) to use their Collaboratory funds as seed grants to pursue additional funding opportunities, both internal and especially external. Groups will be expected to meet at least once a month. It is hoped that groups will choose to meet on the 9th floor of Curtin, in the seminar room or the C21 library. Center kitchen facilities will be made available to groups with scheduled meeting times.

Spring 2018 Awardees
Proposals for Collaboratory Projects

Proposals, which should not exceed 1000 words, should have four components: an explanation of the research problem; the organizing logic for the composition of the group’s members; a description of the activities for which funding is being sought; and a rough budget. Each collaborative group should have a single UWM principal investigator (PI), who will be responsible for receiving and disbursing funds and for reporting on the group’s activities at year’s end. Collaborative groups are eligible for up to $1500 in funding, with the larger awards designated for those groups proposing to invite and host C21 speakers. Budgets are subject to modification by the C21 Collaboratory after formal review.

The Call for Collaboratory proposals is now CLOSED.

Proposals are due Monday, December 11, 2017. Proposals should be submitted as a single pdf file to c21@uwm.edu. Awards will be announced in early January. Funds must be spent by May 31, 2018, the end of the 2018 fiscal year. Unspent funds will not be able to be carried over.

Questions or inquiries can be sent to c21@uwm.edu.