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Jennifer Johung is Professor of Contemporary Art and Architectural History at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Her most recent book, Vital Forms: Biological Art, Architecture, and the Dependencies of Life (University of Minnesota, 2019), focuses on the ways in which contemporary biological art and architecture actively engage in the forming of life, and even more endemically, the ways in which art and architecture are vitally necessary to current and changing formulations of life. She is also the author of Replacing Home: From Primordial Hut to Digital Network in Contemporary Art (University of Minnesota, 2012) which considers modes of dwelling and belonging in an ever-changing world, and the co-editor with Arijit Sen of Landscapes of Mobility: Culture, Politics and Placemaking (Ashgate, 2013). She has published articles on a wide range of topics across performance, visual, and urban studies as well as bio art and biotechnology in journals such as Leonardo and Theory, Culture, and Society. In addition to her research, she also curates exhibitions in Milwaukee, New York, LA, and Australia. With a background in performance studies, she teaches courses in contemporary art, new media, performance, and art museum studies. She also coordinates the art museum internship program, placing students in museums and galleries in the greater Milwaukee area.