From 1984 through 2011, the Center published a Working Papers series that provided scholars the ability to pre-publish their research.

  • David S. Allen (UWM), “From Parks to Free Speech Zones: Spatial Frameworks and the Regulation of American Dissent in Public Space” (2011)
  • A. Aneesh (UWM), “Bloody Language: Clashes and Constructions of Linguistic Nationalism in India” (2009)
  • Arijit Sen (UWM), “Past Knowing and Representational Practices: Visual Culture and the Social Production of Peoplehood” (2009)
  • Edward S. Hinchman (UWM), “Judging as Inviting Self-Trust” (2007)
  • Julius Sensat (UWM), “Rawlsian Justice and Estrangement: Insights from Hegel and Marx” (2007)
  • Symposium Transcript, Past Knowing Future Knowledge: Archaeology and Museums in the 21st Century (2007)
  • Derek Counts (UWM), “Hybridity and Representation in an Ancient Mediterranean Context: The Cultures In-Between Cypriote Culture” (2006)
  • Andrea C. Westlund (UWM), “Love and the Sharing of Ends” (2005)
  • Laird Boswell (UW-Madison), “Right-Wing Extremism in Frontier Regions: The French National Front and the Crisis of Alsatian Identity” (2005)
  • Marc Abélès (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales), “Identity and Borders: An Anthropological Approach to EU Institutions” (2004)
  • Peter Y. Paik (UWM), “The Pessimist Rearmed: Žižek on Christianity and Revolution” (2004)
  • David S. Allen (UWM), “Creating Meaning, Creating Citizens: The U.S. Supreme Court and the Control of Meaning in the Public Sphere” (2004)
  • Seminar and Speak-Out on the War in Iraq (2003)

Archived Working Papers: 1984-91

While not comprehensive, below is a list of working papers included in the Center’s physical archive. We will continue to update this list as our archive is digitized. Please contact the Center to get copies of these papers, or with additional queries.


  • Mary Ann Doane (Brown), “‘…When the Direction of the Force Acting on the Body is Changed’: The Moving Image,” Fall 1984
  • Patricia Mellencamp (UWM), “Receivable Texts: U.S. Avant-Garde Cinema, 1960-1982,” Fall 1984
  • Herbert Blau (UWM), “The Makeup of Memory in the Winter of Our Discontent,” Fall 1984
  • William Kerrigan (U of Maryland), “Life’s Iamb: the Scansion of Late Creativity in the Culture of the Renaissance,” Fall 1984
  • Ihab Hassan (UWM), “Timely Pleasures: Sane and In-Sane,” Fall 1984
  • Jane Gallop (Rice), “Reading Lacan’s Ecrits,” Fall 1984
  • Ellie Ragland-Sullivan (U of Illinois at Chicago), “Counting From 0 to 6: Lacan and the Imaginary Order,” Fall 1984
  • Tania Modleski (UWM), “The Terror of Pleasure: The Contemporary Horror Film and Postmodern Theory,” Fall 1984


  • Mary Russo (Hampshire), “Female Grotesques: Carnival and Theory,” Fall 1985
  • Jessica Benjamin, “A Desire of One’s Own: Psychoanalytic Feminism and Intersubjective Space,” Fall 1985
  • Mary Poovey (Swarthmore), “‘Scenes of an Indelicate Character’: The Medical ‘Treatment’ of Victorian Women,” Fall 1985
  • Gabriele Schwab (UWM), “Creative Paranoia and Frost Patterns of White Words: Making Sense in and of Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow,” Fall 1985
  • Margaret Morse (U of San Fransisco-Academy of Art), “The Television News Personality and Credibility: Reflections on the News in Transition,” Fall 1985
  • John Pauly (UWM), “Reflections on Writing a History of News as a Form of Mass Culture,” Fall 1985
  • Bernard Gendron (UWM), “Rock and Roll Mythology: Sex and Race in ‘Whole Lotta Shakin’,” Fall 1985


  • Andreas Huyssen (Columbia), “Memory, Myth, and the Dream of Reason: Peter Weiss’s The Aesthetics of Resistance,” Fall 1986
  • Jean François Lyotard (Paris VIII), “Discussions, or Phrasing ‘after Auschwitz’,” Fall 1986
  • Ackbar Abbas (U of Hong Kong), “Walter Benjamin’s Collector: The Fate of Modern Experience,” Fall 1986
  • Miriam Gusevich (UWM), “Purity and Transgession: Reflections on the Architectural Avantgarde’s Rejection of Kitsch,” Fall 1986
  • Biddy Martin (Cornell), “Woman and Modernity: The [Life] Styles of Lou Andreas-Salomé,” Fall 1986
  • Giovanna Borradori (Italy), “‘Weak Thought’ and the ‘Aesthetics of Quotationism’: The Italian Shift from Deconstruction,” Fall 1986
  • Kathleen Woodward (UWM), “The Look and the Gaze: Narcissism, Aggression, and Aging,” Fall 1986


  • Gregory S. Jay (UWM), “American Literature and the New Historicism: The Example of Frederick Douglass,” Fall 1988
  • James Schwoch (Marquette), “Presenting the History of the Future: Television Advertising and Telecommunications Discourse in American Culture,” Fall 1988
  • Lynn Worsham (UWM), “Kenneth Burke’s Appendicitis,” Fall 1988
  • Meaghan Morris (Australia), “Things to do with Shopping Centres,” Fall 1988
  • Tom Moylan (UW Center-Waukesha County), “Rereading Religion: Ernst Bloch, Gustavo Gutierrez, and the Post-Modern Strategy of Liberation Theology,” Fall 1988
  • John Carlos Rowe (UC Irvine), “‘Bringing It All Back Home’: American Recyclings of the Vietnam War,” Fall 1988
  • Han-liang Chang (National Taiwan U), “Hallucinating the Other: Derridean Fantasies of Chinese Script,” Fall 1988
  • Patrice Petro (UWM), “Weimar Photojournalism and the Female Reader,” Fall 1988
  • Stephen Heath (Cambridge), “Representing Television,” Fall 1988
  • Valie Export (UWM / Austria), “The Real and Its Double: The Body,” Fall 1988
  • Andrew Ross (Princeton), “Techno Ethics and Tele-Ethics: Three Lives in the Day of Max Headroom,” Fall 1988
  • Régis Durand (U of Lille), “How to See (Photographically),” Fall 1988


  • Andrew Martin (UWM), “Popular Culture/Unpopular War: The Vietnam War in American Culture,” Fall-Winter 1989-90
  • José David Saldívar (UC Santa Cruz), “Chicano Studies on the Border,” Fall-Winter 1989-90
  • Lois Banner (USC), “The Meaning of Menopause: Aging and Its Historical Contexts in the Twentieth Century,” Fall-Winter 1989-90
  • Ross Posnock (U of Washington), “Bourne, Dewey, Adorno: Reconciling Pragmatism and the Frankfurt School,” Fall-Winter 1989-90
  • Margaret Soltan (George Washington), “The Artist’s Journey to the Interior Designer: Built Subjectivity in Contemporary Architectural Magazines,” Fall-Winter 1989-90
  • Page Dubois (UC San Diego), “Torture, Slavery, and Truth in Ancient Athens,” Fall-Winter 1989-90
  • Sandra Bartky (U of Illinois at Chicago), “Shame and Gender: Contribution to a Phenomenology of Oppression,” Fall-Winter 1989-90
  • Lynne Joyrich (UWM), “Television and the Cyborg Subject(ed),” Fall-Winter 1989-90
  • Nancy Armstrong (Minnesota) and Leonard Tennenhouse (Minnesota), “The Interior Difference: A Brief Genealogy of Dreams, 1650-1717,” Fall-Winter 1989-90


  • Robin Pickering-Iazzi (UWM), “Unseduced Mothers: The Resisting Female Subject in Italian Culture of the Twenties and Thirties,” Fall-Winter 1990-91
  • Juliana Schiesari (UC Davis), “Appropriating the Work of Women’s Mourning: The Legacy of Renaissance Melancholia,” Fall-Winter 1990-91
  • Janis Hunter Jenkins (Case Western Reserve), “Culture and Depressive Affects: The Embodiment of Fear and Anxiety among Salvadoran Women Refugees,” Fall-Winter 1990-91
  • Herbert Blau (UWM), “The Surpassing Body,” Fall-Winter 1990-91
  • Angela McRobbie (Ealing College of Higher Education), “New Times in Cultural Studies,” Fall-Winter 1990-91
  • Margaret Atherton (UWM), “Cartesian Reason and Gendered Reason,” Fall-Winter 1990-91
  • Teresa de Lauretis (UC Santa Cruz), “Film and the Primal Fantasy – One More Time: On Sheila McLaughlin’s She Must Be Seeing Things,” Fall-Winter 1990-91
  • Anthony Kubiak (Harvard), “Terror’s Theatre: A Post-Mortem Polemic,” Fall-Winter 1990-91
  • Tara McPherson and Gareth Evans (UWM), “Watch This Space: An Interview with Edward Soja,” Fall-Winter 1990-91
  • Nancy Fraser (Northwestern), “Rethinking the Public Sphere: A Contribution to the Critique of Actually Existing Democracy,” Fall-Winter 1990-91
  • David Wallace (U of Minnesota), “Carving Up Time and the World: Medieval-Renaissance Turf Wars; Historiography and Personal History,” Fall-Winter 1990-91