Freshmen and sophomores, set yourself up for success by having a dedicated success coach through the Emerging Leaders Program!

If you’re entering your first or second year at the Lubar College of Business and you meet the criteria for the Pell grant (check your Financial Aid) or identify as a first-generation college student, you are eligible to apply to the Emerging Leaders Program. This program is exclusively designed to guide you on your journey towards academic excellence.

Through your involvement in the program, you will:

  • Meet once a month with your success coach who will provide personalized guidance and support as you navigate college life.
  • Participate in interactive workshops tailored to enhance your study skills, ignite your career aspirations, and equip you with essential life skills.
  • Connect with a vibrant community of fellow Emerging Leaders Program participants through fun and enriching social events.
  • Engage in workshops designed to enhance your study techniques, prompt you to contemplate your future career path, and more!

Lubar student in front of building
Emerging Leaders Program
Shayla Beaulieu
Lubar Hall N297

The Emerging Leaders Mentoring Program isn’t just about building connections for today – it’s about forging relationships that will empower you throughout your academic journey and beyond. By becoming part of the ELP community, you’re stepping into a network of support, inspiration, and growth that will stay with you as you achieve your goals and shape your future.

In this collaborative environment, you’ll find support and inspiration as you make your mark as a Business student. Join the Emerging Leaders Mentoring Program today!