Research shows most people check their phones every 5.5 minutes and recharge it at least once per day. How often do you check your personal battery and take action to recharge it?

Being a leader in our complex, ambiguous, and fast-paced world can be draining. The lack of an “off switch” leads us to feel exhausted and burnt out. This not only impacts individual performance and judgement, but also team effectiveness and business outcomes. During this program, you will develop an individualized blueprint of researched, regular, reasonable, replicable routines and to recharge instead of burning out.

This program spans five weeks, and includes 12 hours of self-paced virtual leadership development, online discussions with other peers in your cohort, and four live, facilitated discussions to help you maximize your learning.

Who Should Attend:

Leaders at all levels of an organization who are looking for ways to more effectively manage their energy and create conditions for greater proficiency.

As a result of attending this program, participants will:

• Understand the importance of resilience and energy in effective leadership

• Explore a wide range of techniques to recharge and build resilience

• Develop a personalized blueprint of short and impactful resilience rituals and routines that take up just 2% of your day, fend off burnout, and help you be productive and engaged in work and life.

Shawn Vollmer
Outreach Program Manager
Lubar Hall, N479