Tailan Chi

Tailan Chi

  • Richard C. Notebaert Distinguished Professor of International Business & Global Studies, Organizations & Strategic Management


PhD, Business Administration, University of Washington
MA, Economics, University of Washington
MBA, University of San Francisco
BE, International Trade, University of International Business & Economics

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Chi examines a firm’s organizational and strategic choices under the constraints of information imperfections and potential cognitive limitations in the International Business (IB) context. He is a pioneer in integrating the concepts of the resource-based view into a property rights framework to understand alternative organizational forms for pooling complementary assets from different firms. He is also a major contributor to the application of real options theory in IB and strategy research. He has taught a large variety of IB courses in multiple institutions around the world at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. His main teaching interests include the global regime of international business, international business strategy, and business in China.

Professional Activities

Publications. Dr. Chi's research has been published in Global Strategy Journal, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of World Business, Management Science, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Strategic Management Journal, and others. He is a co-author of International Business (3rd ed., Routledge), with Oded Shenkar and Yadong Luo.

Editorial Services. Dr. Chi is an Area Editor at the Journal of International Business Studies and serves on the editorial boards of Academy of Management ReviewCross-Cultural and Strategic ManagementGlobal Strategy JournalJournal of World Business, and Strategic Management Journal. He is a member of the Academy of International Business, the Academy of Management, Asian Academy of Management, and Strategic Management Society.

Awards and Honors. Dr. Chi is a Fellow of the Academy of International Business, held the Carl A. Scupin Professorship at the University of Kansas School of Business (2017-2019), received the Guy O. and Rosa Lee Mabry Best Paper Award at the University of Kansas School of Business (2010 and 2014) and the Annual Research Award from the UWM School of Business (1997). He was a Finalist in the Richard N. Farmer Dissertation Competition in International Business, Academy of International Business (1992). He also received the Outstanding Editorial Board Member Award from Strategic Management Journal (2017) and Best Reviewer Award from Journal of International Business Studies (2009).

Curriculum Vitae