Lubar undergraduate accounting majors can build upon their studies by coupling an accelerated, STEM-designated MS degree in Information Technology Management (ITM) with their BBA Accounting degree — and complete both in about five years.

Information technology pervades every aspect of business – from customer-facing apps to back-end systems that support organizations. Combining your BBA in Accounting with an MS in ITM will provide you with a unique set of technical skills to leverage your accounting knowledge in an increasingly digital world.

Program Type

Accelerated Graduate

Program Format

On Campus

Following is a sample outline of how your BBA-Accounting plus Accelerated Master’s in IT Management schedule might look.

Connect with your Undergraduate Advisor in your freshman or sophomore year to begin planning your course of study!

First Year

First Year – FallFirst Year – Spring
BUS ADM 100 Introduction to BusinessBUS ADM 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting
ECON 103 Principles of MicroeconomicsCOMM 103 or 105 Communication Requirement
ENGLISH 101 Introduction to College WritingECON 104 Principles of Macro Economics
HUMANITIES General Education RequirementENGLISH 102 College Writing and Research
MATH 208 Quantitative Models for BusinessNATURAL SCIENCE General Education Requirement

Second Year

Second Year – FallSecond Year – Spring
BUS ADM 202 Managerial AccountingBUS ADM 301 Intermediate Accounting
BUS ADM 210 Statistical Modeling in Business AnalyticsBUS ADM 303 Career & Professional Development
BUS ADM 230 Intro. to IT ManagementARTS General Education Requirement
HUMANITIES General Education RequirementENG 205 Business Writing
SOCIAL SCIENCE General Education RequirementNATURAL SCIENCE LAB General Education Requirement

Summer in Between Second and Third Year

Summer in between Second and Third Year
BUS ADM 405 Income Tax Accounting I
BUS ADM 406 Income Tax Accounting II

Third Year

Third Year – FallThird Year – Spring
BUS ADM 330 OrganizationsBUS ADM 335 Visual System Development
BS ADM 360 Principles of MarketingBUS ADM 391 Business Law
BUS ADM 370 Intro. to Supply Chain ManagementBUS ADM 404 Cost Accounting
BUS ADM 402 Advanced AccountingBUS ADM 450 Intermediate Finance
BUS ADM 408 Accounting Information SystemsGENERAL ELECTIVE General Elective
GENERAL ELECTIVE General ElectiveIBC International Business Component

Fourth Year

Fourth Year – FallFourth Year – Spring
BUS ADM 409 Auditing: Procedures & ApplicationsBUS ADM 400 Accounting Professional Internship
BUS ADM 410 Accountants’ Ethical ResponsibilitiesBUS ADM 600 Management Analysis
BUS ADM 744 Info. Tech. Strategy & Management
BUS ADM 810 Development of Web-Based Solutions

Fifth Year

Fifth Year – FallFifth Year- Spring*
BUS ADM 747 Service-Oriented Analysis & DesignBUS ADM 748 Managing Information Technology Projects
ITM ELECTIVE MS in Information Technology Management ElectiveBUS ADM 749 Data & Information Management
ITM ELECTIVE MS in Information Technology Management ElectiveITM ELECTIVE MS in Information Technology Management Elective
ITM ELECTIVE MS in Information Technology Management ElectiveITM ELECTIVE MS in Information Technology Management Elective

Degree requirements and course descriptions for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Degree requirementsITM electives, and course descriptions for the Master of Science in ITM can be found on the Graduate School website.


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