Chemical Spills and Exposure


This page is an excerpt from the Chemical Hygiene Plan [SAFE 7.0].

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ii. Emergency Procedures for Chemical Spills/ Exposures

Complete spill and exposure response procedures are described at the UWM Emergency Response: Chemical Spills web page. However, the following quick reference guide is included for convenience in the Chemical Hygiene Plan.

1. For a Chemical Spill on Body:

a. Remove all contaminated clothing.
b. Flood exposed area with running water from a faucet or safety shower for at least 15 minutes.
c. Have another individual contact the University Police: 9-911 from any hard-wired campus phone or 229-9911 from a cell phone, to obtain medical attention.
d. Report the incident to your supervisor or instructor and University Safety and Assurances.

2. For a Chemical Splashed in Eye:

a. Immediately rinse eyeball and inner surface of eyelid with water continuously for 15 minutes. Forcibly hold eye lid(s) open to ensure effective wash behind eyelids.
b. Have another individual contact the University Police at x9-911 from any campus hard-wired phone, or 229-9911 from a cell phone to obtain medical attention.
c. Report the incident to your supervisor or instructor and University Safety and Assurances.

3. In the case of a small spill and low hazard situation, US&A (229-6339) will advise you on what precautions and protective equipment to use. After hours, contact University Police at 229-4627 (non-emergency).

4. For a major spill more than 8oz or Spill of unknown Material:

a. Evacuate the area

i. Leave the spill area; alert others in the area and direct/ assist them in leaving.
ii. Without endangering yourself, remove victims to fresh air, remove contaminated clothing, and flush contaminated skin and eyes with water for 15 minutes. If anyone has been injured or exposed to toxic chemicals or chemical vapors, call 9-911 (229-9911 from cell phone) and seek medical attention immediately.
iii. If spill poses a risk to others in the building, pull the fire alarm to evacuate building.

b. Confine the spill

i. Close doors and isolate the area. Prevent people from entering spill area.

c. Report the incident

i. From a safe place, call the Campus Police at 9-911 or 229-9911 from a cell phone. (Campus Police will contact US&A personnel.)

ii. Report that this is an emergency and provide:

1. Your name, phone number, and location
2. Location of the spill
3. The name and amount of material spilled
4. The extent of injuries
5. The safest route to the spill

iii. Stay on the phone, Campus Police dispatch will advise you as soon as possible.

iv. The Milwaukee Fire Department- Hazardous Materials Response Team or a contracted vendor will be contacted to clean up or stabilize spills that are considered high hazard (fire, health, or reactivity hazard).

d. Secure the area until emergency response personnel arrive

i. Block off areas leading to the spill
ii. Lock doors
iii. Post signs and warning tape
iv. Alert others of the spill
v. Post staff by commonly used entrances to the area to direct people to use other routes