MLS Employer Survey

The Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) Program at the University of WI-Milwaukee (UWM) is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS). To maintain accreditation of the program, we are required to perform a survey of gradates to determine if the program has met its goal of preparing MLS graduated for entry level positions in the workforce. The Graduate Survey, completed by the graduates, allows input into how well prepared they believe they were for a position in the clinical laboratory. The second survey, the Employer Survey, is sent to the employer and asks similar questions about the preparedness of the graduate from the MLS Program to function as an entry-level practitioner in the workforce. All information gathered will be kept confidential and used for program evaluation purposes only.

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  • I. KNOWLEDGE BASE (Cognitive Domain)

    Based on your experience with the graduate, please rate the programs ability to prepare them in each of the following areas: