Accident, Incident, and Injury Reporting




For ALL emergencies, contact Campus Police-
9-911 from a campus phone or 229-9911 from a cell phone.

If the incident involves any type of personal injury or property damage:

STUDENTS / VOLUNTEERS / VISITERS / GUESTS: Complete the university General Incident Report along with the BMS Accident Incident Report Form.

EMPLOYEES: Complete the university Employer’s First Report of Injury or Disease form along with the BMS Accident Incident Report Form.

*Supervisor(s) must complete and submit all campus reporting forms within 24 hours.

If the incident does NOT involve personal injury or property damage, but could have resulted in injury or damage:

Complete the BMS Accident Incident Report Form only.


A. Information collected for reports must include:

a. Name/contact information of exposed individual
b. Date/time/location of incident
c. Description of incident, along with detail of injuries sustained
d. Type of exposure (blood, body fluid, needle containing xxx, etc.), including identification of source if available
    i. If possible, original sample should be retained if needed for future testing/further assessment
e. Name/contact information of any witnesses to incident
f. Description of any safety violations or variation in protocol that may have led to incident
g. Treatment rendered, i.e. flushed wound, used eyewash station, etc.

B. Worker’s Compensation policy and reporting forms for employees can be found on the UWM Human Resources website, and can also be found in section VIII part C of the Chemical Hygiene Plan [SAFE 7.0].

C. See Exposure Control Plan [SAFE 6.0] for instructions if the incident involves an exposure to blood, body fluids, or other potentially infections materials. 

D. It is recommended that all forms are completed immediately. If unable to complete at time of exposure, forms must be completed and submitted within 24 hours of incident.

a. General Incident Report must be submitted to the UW-Milwaukee, Department of University Safety & Assurances (address located on form).

b. Employer’s First Report of Injury or Disease must be submitted to the Department of Workforce Development Worker’s Compensation Division (address located on form).

c. BMS Accident Incident Report Form is automatically sent to the Laboratory Manager, and will be forwarded to the Department of Biomedical Sciences Program Director and placed in the student file (if applicable).

E. For additional information, see the BMS Department Chemical Hygiene Plan [SAFE 7.0], or the UWM US&A Chemical Hygiene Plan.