Earlybird writer-director Martin Kaszubowski ’14 featured on Cinebuds podcast

The cast and crew of Earlybird gather for a photo in a screening room.
"Earlybird" writer-director Martin Kaszubowski (last row, on the right) with his cast and crew. | Submitted photo courtesy of Radio Milwaukee

‘Earlybird’ writer-director Martin Kaszubowski (MFA ’14, Film) recently spoke with Kristopher Pollard from Milwaukee Film and Radio Milwaukee’s Dori Zori on the popular podcast Cinebuds. In the episode, Kaszubowski reflected on his time at Peck School of the Arts, specifically noting that his experience with DocUWM and the course, Zen and the Arts of Filmmaking, were instrumental to his development as an artist. Milwaukee audiences may have seen his film, which includes several additional PSOA connections among the cast and crew, when it screened at 2023’s Milwaukee Film Festival. It is now available for streaming.

Listen to the full episode and check out the trailer for Earlybird on Radio Milwaukee.