Shepherd Express praises Peck School’s ‘Wildly Romantic Brontëan Mutation’

The Moors

Russ Bickerstaff from Shepherd Express wrote about the PSOA Theatre Department production of The Moors by Jen Silverman, which he called a “wildly romantic Brontëan mutation.” Bickerstaff praised the production and remarked that director Ralph Janes and company “did a brilliant job of presenting a haunting and beautifully cohesive vision.” He highlighted the scenic design (Kali Langford), lighting design (Danny Gomez Sandoval), and several members of the cast, calling their performances “sparklingly witty and sweetly charismatic” (Autumn G. Gill), “remarkably nuanced” (Ted Santi and Natalie Gustafson), and clever (Maggie Baisley and JoHannah Wiggins).

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