PSOA alum Jeremy Novy’s urban koi fish and queer street art featured on CBS 58

Jeremy Novy paints on the sidewalk surrounded by colorful street art
Jeremy Novy | Submitted photo (CBS 58)

UWM alum Jeremy Novy was recently featured in a comprehensive piece by CBS 58. Novy is best known as the artist behind the black, white, and orange koi fish that get painted throughout city sidewalks, starting in Milwaukee but now branching all around the world. 

The idea came to Novy following a study abroad trip to China that he took while studying at Peck School of the Arts. One of the most important facets of his art is the number of fish swimming together at one time. 

“In Chinese paintings, they’ve symbolized the number of koi that would be in a painting to represent different Chinese lucky numbers,” said Novy in his feature with CBS 58. “I try to incorporate what that Chinese lucky number means.” 

Novy is also known for producing queer street art throughout Milwaukee, which he has credited as giving him the platform to be open about his identity while encouraging others to do the same. 

 Read more about Novy’s work in his feature on CBS 58.