Alumni Spotlight: A “Top 10” Designer to Watch

Naomi Dable poses in front of stationary at her store.

Naomi Dable I Art and Design, BFA: Design and Visual Communication

In the dynamic world of graphic design, Naomi Dable stands as a testament to the power of creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit. As the proud owner of Naomi Paper Co., Naomi continues to inspire with her innovative designs and dedication to her craft.

Educational Journey and Career Path 

From a young age, Naomi harbored a deep-seated desire to pursue the arts. Her love for graphic design blossomed towards the end of high school, setting her on a path she was destined for. The Peck School of the Arts became her haven, standing out for its unique location in Milwaukee. Naomi appreciated the real-world experiences UWM offered, allowing her to navigate the vibrant city and interact with diverse audiences. Naomi shared, “In other art schools that are exclusively for art, you can get really wrapped up in the “art scene” and being constantly surrounded by creatives. In the world of graphic design, however, you need to be able to create work that communicates clearly to a wide audience—not just fellow creatives and artists. Again, setting me up for more real-world, practical experience and future success.” 

Impactful Classes and Faculty 

Naomi’s journey was shaped by dedicated mentors and inspiring classes. She highlighted Amy Decker, Kim Beckman, Adream Blair, and Robert Grame as faculty members who played a pivotal role in her educational, professional, and personal growth. Naomi said, “Amy Decker taught me so much about typography and is always so warm and supportive of my work. Kim Beckman inspires such an excitement for design and its possibilities. Adream Blair made class feel like family and encouraged me to take class projects into the real world. Robert Grame helped push the caliper and creativity of my work to a higher level that I still strive for.” 

Advice to Students

Naomi shares valuable advice, “If you’re unsure of what direction or class to take, ask to sit in on a class! That helped me have confidence in the direction I was going and get an inside look at the type of projects to expect in future classes. I’d also encourage you to look beyond the classroom and use any opportunity to combine a project/assignment with something you’re passionate about or a real-life design project.” 

Achievements and Contributions

Since graduating from PSOA, Naomi has transformed her skills into a thriving business. Through Naomi Paper Co., she crafts stationery and gifts that have found homes in over 100 stores nationwide. Her talents were recognized when she was named one of Stationary Trends Magazine’s “10 Designers to Watch in 2023.” 

Connect with Naomi

To learn more about Naomi and explore her creative endeavors, visit her website, Naomi Paper Co.