The Asian Faculty and Staff Association (AFSA) at UWM was initiated in fall 2003 by a small group of Asian faculty/staff who realized the need for an affinity group to advocate and network for its members, and function as a resource for the university community.  A Steering Committee and a Mission Statement were created to guide the work of AFSA. In spring 2004, an Award Program was established to recognize outstanding Asian students.


AFSA seeks to advance the scholastic and civic interests of its members by providing opportunities to:

  • work collaboratively across disciplines to plan and conduct research;
  • promote partnerships with community-based organizations for research and evaluation activities;
  • serve as a consultant to the UWM community on academic, sociocultural, climate, and faculty/staff/student issues;
  • encourage and reward the scholastic achievement and community participation of UWM Asian and Asian American students; and
  • network and socialize.
For more information about AFSA, please send an email to AFSA Co-Chairs Yuko Kojima (kojima@uwm.edu) and
Karen Miyoshi (kmiyoshi@uwm.edu).