“This award will assist in relieving financial obligations to support my education at UWM. This will give me a chance to dedicate more time to serving my community and focus on an even higher level of academic achievement.”
Navee Lor, 2017-18 Undergraduate Award Recipient

“I am proud being Asian because it provides me unique perspective and worthy outcomes to both Americans and Asian communities. I believe that my academic and voluntary works are valuable to build bridges between Asian communities and other local communities and I am proud that I could serve them. I truly appreciate receiving this award and it as an encouragement for further work.”
Shin Young Park, 2017-18 Graduate Award Recipient

“My goal is to be a great researcher who can contribute to the healthy life of all human beings. I will make my priority to helping other colleagues and will continue to apply the same efforts at my graduate studies as I am currently doing. I will represent the Asian Faculty and Staff Association well during and after my university life.”
Tae Joon Kwak, 2017-18 Honorary Award Recipient

“This award has definitely made a significant contribution to my continuing education…I was able to maintain myself while I dedicated my time to studying instead of worrying about school loans. It has also helped me with my educational goals by allowing me to step closer to graduation and my dream career…”
Vivian Lee, 2012-13 Achievement Award Recipient

“This award was greatly beneficial for me in completing my PhD in Urban Education with a focus in the Performing and Creative Arts. As a Filipino American, I often struggle with both my Asian and Hispanic ancestry, and my cultural identity as both an artist and a scholar. This struggle informs my artistic work, which focuses on themes of Asian American identity just as much as it celebrates the Filipino cultural traditions…”
Leonard Arvisu Cruz, 2012-13 Achievement Award Recipient

“My AFSA Award helped me be able to write and progress toward degree completion. I am now a Ph.D. Candidate and will be defending my dissertation on the ‘model minority’ stereotype shortly. The AFSA Award I received is incredibly special to me due in part that it was granted to me on behalf of the Asian Faculty and Staff Association, a body that supports the dreams and aspirations of Asian Americans here on UW-Milwaukee’s campus. I am proud to be a Korean American and also a 2011 AFSA Award recipient.”
Nicholas D. Hartlep, 2011-12 Honorary Award Recipient

“The award encourages us to contribute to raising awareness and promoting Asian culture. It helped to enhance my work and study.”
Kun Lu, 2011-12 Honorary Award Recipient

“I am a junior in Business Administration at UWM. My major is Marketing, with a minor in Business Spanish, and I plan to get a certificate in International Business. I am currently working as a Marketing & Sales Co-op student at Briggs & Stratton Corporation. Receiving this award was a really big accomplishment because it assured me that all the hard work and effort I put into my education are really worth it. The best thing about this award was that it allowed me to express my pride for my heritage. Unlike other scholarships, it factored in what I do for my community, along with how I perform academically. It was an honor to know that what I have done so far is being recognized. Receiving this award has motivated me to work harder and do more during my time at UWM.”
Harpreet Kaur, 2006-07 Achievement Scholarship Award Recipient

“It is an honor to express my thanks to all AFSA members. I am a graduate student in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the College of Health Sciences. I have always believed that all human beings have an equal dignity that must be protected. Therefore, I tried to carry on my belief through my volunteer work and career. I have worked with people with disabilities for years in Korea. Now, I am getting a master’s degree in speech pathology in order to provide better services for people with communication disorders. In 2006, I faced extreme financial challenges and other unexpected difficulties. At that time, I seriously considered quitting school. However, I was able to continue because of scholarships from AFSA and College of Health Sciences. They were not only a form of financial support, but also an incredible encouragement to complete my degree. Once more, I really appreciate your help and encouragement, and want to emphasize that what you do can have a great impact on a person’s life.”
Jihyunn Park, 2006-07 Achievement Scholarship Award Recipient

“I was born in Taiwan, Taipei. I came to the U.S. in 2004 for pre-med study. I plan to apply for medical schools at the end of this spring semester. Currently, I am preparing for the upcoming Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). This is the first scholarship award that I received at UWM thus far. It’s very encouraging and makes me feel that nothing is impossible if you try hard enough. The scholarship opportunity for foreign students is extremely limited, and most of the scholarships are primarily for graduate students. Thus, I really appreciate the generosity of AFSA, and all the Asian staff and faculty.”
Lin Li, 2006-07 Honorary Scholarship Award Recipient

“I am currently pursuing a PhD in Management Science concentrating on marketing, with a minor in Information and Decision Science. I received Master’s degrees in Engineering and in Urban Planning from UWM in 2005. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Indian Institute of Technology, the most prestigious technical institute in India. On completion of my doctoral studies, I plan to join the academia and pursue multi-disciplinary people-centric research. I see this award as a great honor, especially because it considers not only the academic achievements, but also contributions to society. I am also passionate about archeology and like to photograph monuments. I am awed by the monumental efforts, purist motives, and unquestionable dedication that erected historic edifices.”
Vikas Lachhwani, 2006-07 Honorary Scholarship Award Recipient

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