Following is a list of all AFSA scholarship/award recipients and community service award recipients from 2004-2017:

2004-2005 Community Service Award Dr. Gwat-Yong Lie, associate dean of Graduate School
Scholarship Awards Mr. Tao Lee, undergraduate student in Information Studies
Mr. Kai-Yu Wang, graduate student in Business Administration
2005-2006 Community Service Award Dr. Swarnjit Arora, professor & director of ISPR
Scholarship Awards Ms. Vinthany Souvannarath, undergraduate student in Sociology
Ms. Laty Keodouangsy, graduate student in Education
2006-2007 Community Service Award Ms. Linda Huang, acting director of Multicultural Student Center
Achievement Scholarship Awards Ms. Harpreet Kaur, undergraduate student in Business Administration
Ms. Jihyun Park, master’s student in Speech & Language Pathology
Honorary Scholarship Awards Mr. Lin Li, undergraduate student in Pre-Med
Ms. Prabha Hariharan, doctoral student in Urban Education
Mr. Vikas Lachhwani, doctoral student in Business Administration
2007-2008 Achievement Scholarship Awards Ms. Gaomormee Yang, undergraduate student in Biological Sciences
Ms. Feifei Zhu, doctoral student in Business Management Sciences
Honorary Scholarship Awards Mr. Yung-Lung Chen, doctoral student in Educational Psychology
Ms. Rashi Sharma, doctoral student in Geography
2008-2009 Community Service Award Ms. C.J. Kim, retiree/former AFSA co-chair
Achievement Scholarship Awards Mr. Long Chang, undergraduate student in Architecture
Mr. Barjinder Singh, doctoral student in Management Science
Honorary Scholarship Awards Ms. Yun-Ting Hung, doctoral student in Curriculum & Instruction
Mr. Peng Yu, master’s student in Journalism & Mass Communication
2009-2010 Achievement Awards Ms. Bharti Tandon, doctoral student in Exceptional Education
Mr. Yu-Ping Chen, doctoral student in Management Science
Honorary Awards Ms. Anushree Saha, doctoral student in Physics
Mr. K.G. Thishan Dharshana, doctoral student in Atmospheric Sciences
2010-2011 Achievement Awards Mr. Khongchee Xiong, undergraduate student in Health Sciences
Mr. Lin Zhuo, master’s student in Mathematical Sciences
2011-2012 Achievement Awards Ms. Sue Her, undergraduate student in Social Welfare
Mr. Balaji Polepalli Ramesh, doctoral student in Medical Informatics
Honorary Awards Mr. Kun Lu, doctoral student in Information Studies
Mr. Nicholas Hartlep, doctoral student in Urban Education and Social Foundation of Education
Certificate of Appreciation Mr. Azim Siddique, MillerCoors Asian Employee Affinity Network (AFSA Award donor)
2012-2013   Achievement Awards Ms. Vivian Lee, undergraduate student in Nursing
Mr. Leonard Cruz, doctoral student in Education
Honorary Award Ms. Binal Motawar, doctoral student in Health Sciences
2013-2014 Achievement Awards Ms. Pakou Lo, undergraduate student in Nursing
Ms. Suchismita Banerjee, doctoral student in English
Honorary Awards Ms. Namalie Yang, undergraduate student in Health Care Administration
Ms. Amy Xiong, master’s student in Occupational Therapy
2014-2015 Achievement Awards Mr. Adam Vue, undergraduate student in Philosophy
Ms. Elizabeth Ching-In Chen, doctoral student in English
Honorary Award Mr. Karthik Palaniappan, doctoral student in Engineering
2015-2016 Achievement Awards Mr. Victor Yang, undergraduate student in Computer Science
Ms. Ho Eun Park, doctoral student in Linguistics
2016-2017 Achievement Awards Ms. Nachia Moua, undergraduate student
Ms. Linh Pham, doctoral student in Economics
2017-2018 Achievement Awards Ms. Navee Lor, Undergraduate Award Recipient
Ms. Shin Young Park, Graduate Award Recipient
Mr. Tae Joon Kwak, Honorary Award Recipient