Nik'talia Jules

Graduate Student (MA/MLIS)
Women's & Gender Studies
 Curtin Hall 577

Pronouns in use:  they/she


BS, Sociology, Stephen F. Austin State University 

Academic Interests 

Black Queer Studies, Black Feminism, Archives 


Neoliberal Spiritualism & YouTube Tarot Reading: The Use of Indigenous Spiritual Practices Without Environmental Consciousness, 2022, the UW System Women’s and Gender Studies Consortium April 2022 Conference, “Centering Resistance: Imaginings of New Feminist Future.” 

Why did you choose to concentrate on Women’s & Gender Studies? 

During my undergraduate, sociology felt too broad of focus as I analyzed our societal framework. There was a dissonance while studying sociological theories that simultaneously recognized inequalities while treating gender and race as subsequent factors. However, being Black and femme are not peripheral aspects of my social reality but rather frame it through various experiences. Concentrating on women & gender studies, therefore, provides the ability to explore those social identities as a focal point through which society might be understood. This results in both poetically individualistic and powerfully connective research. Also, reading gender and feminist theory is always (unironically) fun!