Website Traffic Trends: Google Analytics

With more visitors engaging with our online content than ever, it has never been more important for UWM IT to understand web traffic trends. Google Analytics, a web analytics service that reports website traffic, helps UWM IT see what users are looking for when they visit our websites.

When looking at our Campus Technology website’s web traffic from January through May of this year, there are a few things we can see:

  • We have over 185,000 pageviews on the Technology website meaning that there have been over 185,000 sessions where someone visited any page on the technology site.
  • The top ten performing pages include content that is meant to be used to support UWM users. This is helpful for us to understand because we can then focus on those sites when making sure content is up to date and accurate for our users.
  • We can see that there were more than 76,000 individual users accessing the Technology site’s webpages by looking at the unique pageviews. This metric shows us that there were more than 76,000 individual IP addresses accessing our web content throughout this time.

Though we have only scratched the surface of what Google Analytics can do, these are some of the most important metrics UWM IT looks at when monitoring web traffic on our sites. If you are interested in learning more, Google has an Analytics Academy that can help you get understand everything analytics!