Passphrases are the New Passwords

In the past, the industry-standard was that passwords were your first line of defense to secure your accounts; however, scammer’s technological advancements have made it so that passwords just don’t cut it anymore. Making sure your credentials are as ironclad as possible is still very important, and users are now encouraged to use a passphrase rather than a singular word to gain access to your accounts.

Use the maximum number of characters. Use lots of special characters and numbers. Never use the same passphrase twice.

Some of the best ways to ensure your passphrases are secure and strong include:

  • Use a passphrase manager (Google Password Manager, LastPass, Keychain, etc.)
  • Never use passphrases based on personal information (e.g. birthdays, names, parent’s information, etc.)
  • Use something random and nonsensical when making your passphrase.
  • ‘Password’ is NEVER a good passphrase to use on any account!

Looking for more information on how to keep your passphrases up to par? Visit our cybersecurity webpage!