How does the IT Purchasing process work?

To understand the process for purchasing technology, visit the IT Procurement site. The site explains types of technology purchases and guidelines for where to begin the process. For purchases using the Purchase Request form:

  • Begin by submitting the Purchase Request form. Include as much of the requested information as possible.
  • IT staff will review your purchase request. They will work to ensure the right product for your needs is ordered at the best price available.
  • IT staff will place the order on your behalf and arrange for its delivery to you.
Which option should I select under 'I would like to purchase...'?
  • Computers can be found under the following categories: Dell Desktop, Dell Laptop, Apple iMac, Apple MacBooks, and Apple iPads.
  • Accessories include power adapters, docks, speakers, sound bars, mice and keyboards. Monitors have their own section under “Monitors and Stands.”
  • Classroom, Meeting Room, and Digital Signage equipment including microphones, webcams, displays, projectors, and more should be requested using the option “Audiovisual technology.”
  • When in doubt, you can always select “Other, or ask a question…”
My request is time sensitive. How do I get it expedited?
  • Indicate the urgency in your submission. Our staff will do what they can to expedite.
  • If there is a date you require the item “in-hand” please include that in your request.
Can I purchase technology on my own?
  • Items listed as purchase options on this form generally must be ordered by IT staff.
  • Low dollar value accessories, consumables, and select software can be purchased from the following vendors:
    • Shop@UW : Staples punch-out site can be used to order printer toner and other consumables, keyboards, mice, cables, adapters, speakers, webcams, headsets
    • UWM TechStore: Can be used to purchase computer accessories and peripherals, such as cables, adapters, keyboards, mice, etc.
    • UWM Software Shop: Can be used to buy select software.
The funding I use for the order will expire soon. Is there still time to place an order?
  • Order requests for on-contract vendors should be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to funding expiration. This ensures adequate time for purchasing consultation and creating of a Purchase Order.
  • Additional lead time is needed for non-contract vendors.
How can I get support for the products I purchased?
How do I purchase an item that does not appear on the Purchase Request form?

Under the “I would like to purchase…” section, select “Other, or ask a question…” Please provide as much information as you can about the item you are looking for.

What shipping options are available?
  • New purchased computers need to be shipped to UWM to be configured. IT staff can then have you pick up the computer from UWM, or re-ship the computer to your home address. If you are interested in purchasing insurance for re-shipping, please indicate that in your request.
I found a sale for the item I want. Can I buy directly from this vendor?
  • All technology purchases must go through the purchase request process.
  • In general we are not able to take advantage of direct-to-consumer sales promotions. We are able to obtain different, often better discounts through our vendor contracts.
Can I buy a computer from HP, Lenovo, Acer, IBM, etc?
  • UWM has standardized on buying computers from Dell and Apple. These vendors offer us a wide array of products that can meet any need you might have.
  • If you are interested in a particular computer from another brand, submit the purchase request form and we can recommend a comparable product from the standard vendors.
How can I purchase a custom configured computer?
  • Under the “I would like to purchase…” section, select “Custom Computer Quote/Proposal.”
How do I make a return?
    • You can request a return by submitting an IT support request. Your order is subject to the return policy of the vendor we used to buy the product. Our staff will assist you in initiating the return request.
    • In general, you will be required to return the product in its original packaging with all accessories. Defective products can be returned at no cost, but other returns will incur a restocking fee, generally 10-15% of sale price.
    • Please note that products that are covered by a warranty are typically repaired or exchanged rather than returned.
    • We strongly recommend asking questions to ensure you are ordering the right product for you to avoid the need to request a return.
How do I make a purchase with my own personal money, or with UWM foundation money?
  • UWM’s IT Purchasing process only supports purchases made exclusively with UWM funds. This includes funds coming from departmental base budgets, supply & equipment funds, or grants.
  • You can save money when you buy computers and software with personal money through the UWM TechStore and the UWM Software Shop.
  • Foundation funds cannot be used to purchase managed computer equipment for UWM.
I have a question not answered here!

Please submit the Purchase Request form and under the I would like to purchase… section, select “Other, or ask a question.