Honors and Awards

The UWM Department of Sociology grants honors and awards to exceptional undergraduate majors. These are: Honors in the Major, Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society, Distinguished Scholar Award, and the Joan W. Moore Service-Scholar Award.

Honors in the Major

Sociology majors who have maintained at least a 3.0 GPA overall and a 3.5 GPA in courses taken for the major are awarded the distinction ‘Honors in the Major’ when they graduate.

Alpha Kappa Delta

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The Department of Sociology has a chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta, the International Sociology Honor Society. You can learn more about this important organization by visiting their website. Applications are mailed in the Fall to those majors who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • at least juniors in status;
  • officially declared sociology major or minor;
  • have accumulated a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.3;
  • have maintained a 3.0 cumulative GPA in all sociology courses; and
  • have completed at least four sociology courses prior to initiation.

There is a $60 initiation fee which entitles the initiate to a lifetime membership in AKD, a one-year subscription to the journal, Sociological Inquiry (renewable at member’s option), a membership certificate suitable for framing and graduation honor cords.

Every year in April, the UWM Department of Sociology hosts an award ceremony on campus to honor new AKD inductees as well as recipients of the undergraduate Distinguished Scholar and Joan W. Moore Service-Scholar awards (see below). Thus, participation in this organization is a great way to connect yourself to the department and the discipline of sociology.

Distinguished Scholar Award

This award recognizes outstanding achievement in the major by a senior undergraduate, who has demonstrated commitment to the field of sociology. The recipient of this award is nominated by professors who are familiar with her/his academic work and then selected by the entire Sociology faculty.

Joan W. Moore Service-Scholar Award

This award honors Professor Emerita Joan W. Moore, whose career has been a model of combining scholarly excellence with exemplary service. Professor Moore is an internationally-known scholar in areas of Mexican-American social experience, inequality, and gang life. This award honors senior undergraduate sociology majors who have both distinguished academic records and a history of service in the university or the wider community. Recipients of this award will be students who have practiced sociology in the world and whose scholarship has been enriched by exceptional service.