Courses and Syllabi

The UWM Department of Sociology offers a variety of types of undergraduate courses.

  • Introductory courses (100-level) give an overview of the field of sociology, and are accessible to all students.
  • Courses at the 200-level are generally open to students who have completed a 100-level course and are of (at least) sophomore standing. 200-level courses focus on particular subfields of sociology, such as sociology of work, social inequality, and sexuality.
  • Upper-division undergraduate courses (300 or 400-level) are intended for juniors and seniors who have taken an introductory-level course, and guide students in a more intensive, in-depth analysis of the subject matter.
  • Seminars are small classes that encourage student participation.
  • Internships (available through enrollment in Sociol 489) provide opportunities for sociology majors to work in settings outside the university. Internships help develop the skills acquired as an undergraduate sociology student and give a sense of job possibilities available upon graduation.
  • An Independent Study Course (enrollment in Sociol 199 or 399) is available to qualified students. With the approval of the supervising professor, students register in either 199 or 399 after preparing a study proposal. The study proposal would include the following information:
    1. general statement of subject matter;
    2. description of student’s activities; e.g., books/journal articles read (list titles), surveys or interviews conducted, etc.;
    3. and, description of how student will be evaluated; e.g., oral reports, exams, papers, etc.

    This study proposal would then be included with the Sociol 199 or 399 Independent Study Form. The study proposal must be approved by both the department chair and the Office of Student Academic Services in the College of Letters and Science. Failure to obtain approval will result in an administrative drop from the course.

Selected Syllabi: Undergraduate Courses

SOCIOL 101: Introduction to Sociology

Prof. T. O’Brien, 101-001, Fall 2020
Prof. K. Redding, 101-001, Fall 2021
Prof. K. Redding, 101-202, Fall 2021

SOCIOL 102: Solving Social Problems

Prof. C. Costello, 102-401, Fall 2022

SOCIOL 103: World Society

K. Schmidt, 103-001, Spring 2022
E. Dorshorst, 103-201, Spring 2022

SOCIOL 104: Introduction to Social Psychology

T. Beaumier, 104-201, Fall 2022
K. Schmidt, 104-201, Fall 2021

SOCIOL 224: Race and Ethnicity in the United States

Prof. C. Campos-Castillo, 224-001, Fall 2019
Prof. C Chan, 224-201, Spring 2022

SOCIOL 233: Social Inequality in the United States

V. Tamla Rai, 233-201, Spring 2022

SOCIOL 235: Social Change in the Global Economy

Y. Yin, 235-001, Fall 2018

SOCIOL 241: Criminology

A. Loesch, 241-201, Spring 2022
H. Smith, 241-201, Fall 2022

SOCIOL 246: Juvenile Delinquency

K. Jackson, 246-001, Spring 2020

SOCIOL 250: Sex and Gender

E. Dorshorst, 250-201, Spring 2022

SOCIOL 255: Sociology of Sexuality

Prof. C. Costello, 255-001, Fall 2022

SOCIOL 260: Blood, Sex, Money, Power: Families and Intimate Relationships

Prof. N. Chelsey, 260-201, Spring 2022

SOCIOL 261: Introduction to Statistical Thinking in Sociology

Prof. A. Roberts, 261-201, Fall 2022
Tamla Rai, 261-202, Fall 2022
T. Beaumier’s 261-001, Fall 2022

SOCIOL 282: Sociology of Aging

Prof. N. Chesley, 282-001, Fall 2017

SOCIOL 304: Political Sociology

Prof. G. Gauchat, 304-001, Fall 2022

SOCIOL 323: Perspectives on Latino Communities

Prof. W. Vélez, 323-201, Fall 2021

SOCIOL 325: Social Change

A. Paniagua Guzman, 325-201, Spring 2022

SOCIOL 327: Data, Technology, and Society

Prof. N. Chesley, 327-201, Fall 2022

SOCIOL 330: Economy and Society

Prof. M. Britton, 330-201, Fall 2021

SOCIOL 331: Sociology of Health Care

Prof. C. Campos-Castillo, 331-001, Spring 2022

SOCIOL 338: Small Groups

Prof. C. Campos-Castillo, 338-001, Spring 2020

SOCIOL 341: Sociology of Deviant Behavior

N. Hessler, 341-001, Fall 2022

SOCIOL 342: Sociology of Law

Prof. T. O’Brien, 342-001, Spring 2020

SOCIOL 343: Collective Behavior

Prof. Kent Redding, 343-001, Fall 2018

SOCIOL 350: Environmental Sociology

S. Issar, 350-201, Spring 2022

SOCIOL 352: Social Networks

Prof. J. Roberts, 352-001, Spring 2019

SOCIOL 361: Research Methods in Sociology

Prof. C. Campos-Castillo, 361-201, Spring 2020
Prof. C. Chan, 361-201, Fall 2021

SOCIOL 375: History of Sociological Theory

Prof. G. Gauchat, 375-001, Fall 2022

SOCIOL 376: Modern Sociological Theory

Prof. A. Aneesh, 376-201, Summer 2020

SOCIOL 377: Urbanism and Urbanization

Dr. J. Harris, 377-001, Spring 2018

SOCIOL 380: Honors Seminar

Prof. J. Jordan, 380-001, Fall 2022

SOCIOL 442: The Work-Family Intersection

Prof. N. Chesley, 442-201 Spring 2019

SOCIOL 443: Organizations, Occupations, and Professions

Prof. C. Campos-Castillo, 443-201, Spring 2017

SOCIOL 444: Sociology of the Body

Prof. C. Costello, 444-001, Fall 2020

SOCIOL 461: Social Data Analysis Using Regression

Prof. A. Roberts, 461-201, Fall 2022