Courses offered at UWM:

HCA 830: Social Media and Health: Opportunities & Pitfalls
Department of Health Informatics and Administration
College of Health Sciences
Social Media is being used for many purposes in the healthcare arena – for disease surveillance, mood/depression detection, social support for patients with chronic diseases, and as platforms for collaboration. Students will examine these and other avenues for employing social media in healthcare, learn about the different types of healthcare research that we can do in social media, the kind of data we can collect, how we can collect them and the type of analysis we can do. Please contact Dr. Priya Nambisan ( for more details.

COMPSCI  790: Social Computing: Platforms, Technologies and People
Department of Computer Science
College of Engineering and Applied Science
Description:In this seminar course, we will discuss and learn about the design of successful social computing platforms, the technologies used, and human (social) behaviors that shape how such platforms are used. We will examine these platforms from a systems perspective to address design issues. We will also learn how social media can be used for research, as a medium for data scraping and data analytics. The course material will include case studies, research papers from different fields and other articles from mainstream technology and business magazines. Please contact Dr. Priya Nambisan ( for more details.