Information and links to request support and help for access for employees, software, computers and other hardware, after hours support, and other items to help you get the support/help you need.

After Hours Support

Request support after normal business hours for specific software and hardware supported by technology staff within Student Affairs/Enrollment Management IT.

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Employee Access Support

Request access for new employees, change access for current employees, or terminate access for employees no longer working within your department/unit.

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Computer/Printer Support

Campus Technology Support (CTS) provides troubleshooting, maintenance and repair services for campus desktops, laptops, tablets, printers, and more.

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Software Support

Software support and help provides support and troubleshooting for software managed by campus through Campus Technology Support (CTS), or specific software used by departments within Student Affairs/Enrollment Management and supported by SAITS.

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UWM KnowledgeBase

UWM KnowledgeBase is where information on technology at UWM is collected, organized, and shared with campus. Simply type a word into the search box and hit enter. All documents containing that key word will appear.