OT FACT is Customizable to Specific Areas of Practice

In school-based pediatric practice, these questions are among those available:

Educational Activities: participates in a school/campus environment and school sponsored activities; attends educational activities regularly and on time; studies; performs homework; physically negotiates campus.

Student Maintenance Activities: takes notes and/or records important information; organizes studies, completes assignments; uses writing utensils; uses computer equipment; uses books, notebooks, binders and folders as necessary.

Or in rehabilitation, these questions on physical disabilities are among those available:

Neuromuscular Components; muscle tone; reflexes; range of motions; strength; general endurance; soft tissue.

Core categories that are not optional include bathing, toilet hygiene, hand washing, oral hygiene, grooming, dressing, nose blowing, health maintenance and improvements, emergency communication, home management activity, consumer activities, and community activities.