Why donate?

Your donation supports the R2D2 Center’s research in technology and disability. The Center has projects that assist individuals with disabilities, older adults aging in place and their families and caregivers:

  • Technology that gives comprehensive ratings of the accessibility of public places,
  • Searchable technology that rates home medical durable goods,
  • Technology-based assessment and documentation tool for home evaluations,
  • The study of the effects of bifocal usage on falling,
  • For more information on specific areas of research, see our current and past projects.

While the Center is primarily supported by grant funding, support for Occupational Therapy students and researchers is needed to ensure these projects can be applied and used by people with disabilities in our community, Wisconsin, the nation and worldwide.

How can I donate?

All donations to the R2D2 Center are made through the UWM Foundation. You can donate online, by check or money order, or by phone. There are many ways to give – for details see Give to UWM.


If you have any questions about the R2D2 Center or the donation process, please contact:

Laura Fish
(414) 229-6247
UWM College of Health Sciences, R2D2 Center
Enderis Hall
2400 E Hartford Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53211

Thank You!