Join us on the rooftop at the UWM Physics building for free stargazing on select dates. Gaze through telescopes at the night sky and view the Moon, planets, star clusters, and other astronomical objects!


Celestron C14 Telescope on Paramount MX+ Mount

Fall 2021 Stargazing Schedule


Rooftop Skydeck Location

UWM Physics Building Skydeck (5th floor)
1900 E Kenwood Blvd
Milwaukee, WI, 53211

Take the elevator at the east end of the Physics building to the 4th floor and continue left to the staircase that leads to the roof. Unfortunately, the Skydeck is not wheelchair accessible.

About Our Telescope

Jupiter and Galilean moons

Thanks to a generous donation we received in 2018, we equipped our 14-inch Celestron telescope with a computerized mount permanently mounted on the Skydeck. The Paramount MX+ mount allows us to go to objects near and far with the push of a button. Once there, it will track the object as it moves across the sky throughout the night.

Virtual Stargazing

Join planetarium presenter Kieran Arnold as he guides you through some of the constellations, stars, and other night sky objects you can see in the night sky around the world.

Astronomy Resources

Clear Dark Sky – Stargazing Weather Reports (Milwaukee’s Chart)

Milwaukee Clear Sky Chart Clear Dark Sky Legend

Peter Chow’s Personal Website – Telescope Maintenance and Upgrades, Radio Projects, etc.

Dr. Dennis Roscoe’s Personal Website – Astrophotography, Instructor UW-Waukesha

DuPage Numerical Weather Forecasts

Weather Underground – General Weather Service that forecasts cloud cover

Stellarium – Program that simulates the real night sky on your computer

Orbiter – Free Space Flight Simulator


Stargazing Apps

Star Walk 2 (iOS) $2.99

Star Walk 2 is a great premium stargazing app that comes with a variety of useful features. Just point your phone to the sky to locate or identify stars, constellations, and planets. You can even scroll through time to see how these objects move across the sky.

Star Chart (iOS/Android) Free!

Star Chart is a great free alternative to Star Walk 2. It doesn’t come with quite as many features but works just as well. It’s a great tool for aspiring astronomers.

ISS Spotter (iOS) Free!

This 5-star rated app on Apple’s App Store tracks the location of the International Space Station (ISS). You can set an alarm that will notify you shortly before the station will pass overhead so that you won’t miss it!

ISS Detector Satellite Tracker (Android) Free!

This Google Play Store app tracks the location of the International Space Station (ISS). You can set an alarm to be notified shortly before the ISS passes overhead as well as check if weather conditions are optimal for spotting the station.

SkyMap (Windows) $1.49

SkyMap for Windows phone is a great tool for aspiring astronomers. Just point your phone to the sky to learn more about stars, constellations, and planets. The app has a free trial available to try out first.