2019 University Housing Wait List Recommendations

If you’re unsure if you would like to live off campus or in University Housing, our office recommends that you sign up for University Housing’s wait list, there may be students that cancel their contracts, creating space for wait list students to move in.

If you are on the wait list while looking for off campus housing, keep in mind that a lease is a legally binding contract, once you sign a lease, you are legally responsible for fulfilling this lease.

If you intend to use financial aid to help pay for a security deposit or rent, remember that it typically doesn’t disburse until the end of August or the beginning of September. Plan your finances accordingly.

If you cannot live in University Housing or find off campus housing before the semester starts, and you live near campus- consider commuting for the first few weeks of the semester. This will give you extra time to look for a rental unit or see if University Housing rooms free up.