Programs and Initiatives

The Off-Campus Resource Center offers many programs and initiatives throughout the school year to provide students with guidance about moving and living off campus.

Spring 2021 Virtual Programming Information

All event information below is from pre-pandemic times. We look forward to returning to in-person activities soon!

NHO Week Kick Off-Event

The NHO Week Kick-Off introduces NHO Week through fun and engaging activities throughout the day with the Off-Campus Resource Center and other on-campus resources. Students can learn what to expect for NHO Week during the Kick-Off as well as how to utilize each resource when living off-campus.

The Housing Fair

The Annual Housing Fair is a showcase of properties that are available in the area. Landlords and management companies are invited to campus to promote their available rentals to prospective off-campus residents. Come explore and begin your search for your off-campus home!

The Preferred Tenant Program

The PTP offers an online educational seminar for student renters. This seminar is designed to provide students with fundamental resources and knowledge about living off-campus. Completion of the program offers incentives to the Preferred Tenant from specific landlords and property management companies.

Roommate Speed Meet

The Roommate Speed Meet is designed to be a speed dating like event where students looking to find a roommate have the opportunity to meet new people and figure out what they do and do not want in a roommate, as well as the skills to find a roommate outside of the event setting.

Tour of Homes

The Tour of Homes provides opportunities for students to get tours of available rental units with participating Landlords/Rental Companies and translate the knowledge of tenant rights and responsibilities into an actionable plan for renting and living in the neighborhoods near UWM.

Move-Out Festival

Move-Out Festival allows for students to properly dispose of unwanted furniture, reusable clothing, and other household items that can be re-purposed. Everyone is welcome to browse the selection of items available and everything is free of charge! Not only can you furnish your home, but you’ll also help keep the curbs of the neighborhood surrounding UWM clean.


During the University-Neighborhood Initiative to Engage (UNITE) professionals from UWM get out in the neighborhood surrounding UWM  to welcome UWM students back to school and deliver bags full of great give-a-ways, goodies from campus resource centers, and coupons from local businesses to our students who live within walking distance from campus!

Neighborhood Clean Ups

A Neighborhood clean-up is a program facilitated by the Neighborhood Housing Office to encourage UWM Students to clean-up the community surrounding UWM by picking up garbage around the neighborhood.