Facing Housing Insecurities and Homelessness

College students across the country are experiencing housing insecurity, paying only part of their rent, skimping on utility bills, or sleeping in cars or on a friend’s couch. For students experiencing housing insecurity, keeping up with academics can be stressful and at times feel impossible. As the pandemic continues, the needs of college students have increased. Fostering Success at UWM is here to help. As a program that serves Foster Youth and Homeless Youth, Fostering Success at UWM can help guide students to resources that help them navigate their housing crisis and succeed academically.

A study by the Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice, which surveyed nearly 86,000 students, reported that 56% of respondents were housing insecure in the past year, at even higher rates for the students who self-identified as LGBTQ+

Fostering Success at UWM can assist students that are facing housing insecurity and are at risk for homelessness. Working with agencies throughout the city of Milwaukee and the campus community, Fostering Success can connect students with resources to help them with their basic needs. Some of those include local food pantries, signing up for Food Share, applying for energy assistance programs, low-cost internet, computer rental, emergency grants, etc. Housing insecurity takes many forms. The study by the Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice reports the following types of housing insecurity.

Housing Insecurity Among Survey Respondents by Sector

Students, staff members and faculty can make referrals or contribute to Fostering Success at UWM at uwm.edu/fosteringsuccess. By working together, we can help student meet their basic needs and achieve their academic goals.

Article Provided to the Neighborhood Housing Office by the Fostering Success Center