SharePoint Online




SharePoint Online is a place where collaboration meets functionality. As part of the Office 365 product suite, this service allows for individual flexibility as well as efficient group management functions.

Easy Collaboration

The capabilities of SharePoint Online enable a work group to store, share, and manage documents in a central location. It is designed to be the data storage and collaboration service for teams, work groups, and organizations. SharePoint Online acts as a tool for the coordination and progression of any project or document.

Innovative Features

SharePoint Online is the best place for collaboration due to some of its amazing features! Key elements such as online editing and versioning truly allow the platform to link all team members together, simultaneously. Here is a little more information on some of these amazing features:

Online Editing
  • SharePoint Online allows for simultaneous editing of documents online. This ensures that the entire group not only has access to the document, but can edit and retain the most up-to-date version at any time.
  • The versioning feature of this service allows you to store, track, and restore files whenever they are changed. This not only provides structured content control, it makes revisiting past work easier than ever.
Anywhere Access
  • Online cloud storage means that you can access SharePoint Online anywhere with an internet connection. This allows for efficient and flexible usage for group initiatives.
Group Storage & Document Management
  • This service allows for the storage of almost all file types and is the ideal document storage service for advanced document management. Some of the key management capabilities include taxonomy, search, task lists, and workflow.


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