What’s Teams?

UWM is where we work. Teams is how we work.

We all have different roles at the University, and different styles when it comes to managing our work. Teams is a platform within Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) that brings together all the elements you’ll need for your work day.

From something as simple as chatting with a co-worker online to creating a customized space for a few people to work on shared itemsTeams has so many features for content, communication, and collaboration. Use it independently or with a few colleagues, the platform has so many features – use the ones you need, explore new options and let Teams work for you.

Getting Started

All UWM faculty, staff, and students can install the Teams app!

If you have any questions or issues, please contact the UWM Help Desk at 414-229-4040 or visit uwm.edu/help.


Teams Tips

Check out the library of Teams Tips, with new tips added on a regular basis.

Teams Demo

Want to see Teams in action? Check out the online Teams Demo (approx 15 mins).

Teams Training

Attend an online Teams Training course to learn the basics of Microsoft Teams! View the course schedule and course recording on UWM TechTraining Online Training page.

You can also download the hands-on training manual from the UWM TechTraining Resources page.

Quick Guides

Download the Quick Guides to learn more about Teams:

For more information about Teams Calls, download Getting Started with Teams Calls. (PDF, requires log-in)

NOTE: If you are sharing links to these guides, right click on the link above and choose Copy Link Address/Location and then paste that link in your message. If you open the link and copy the URL in the address bar and send it to others, those opening the link will not have the correct permissions to view the file.

UWM KnowledgeBase LinkedIn Learning

View free, online Microsoft Teams courses using LinkedIn Learning. Not a registered user? Visit the UWM LinkedIn Learning page for information on how to create an account.


If you have questions about Teams, please review our FAQ page: https://uwm.edu/o365/teams-faqs/