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EAB Moon Shot for Equity institutions see growth in student success at third anniversary (Jan. 22, 2024)

UWM receives national recognition for achievements in student success (Nov. 4, 2021)

UWM commits to national “Moon Shot for Equity” initiative to eliminate equity gaps by 2030 (Oct. 21, 2020)

Watch the Moon Shot for Equity launch event and news conference:

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Latest media coverage

WUWM: UWM makes changes to try to close equity gaps (Feb. 7, 2024)

TMJ4’s At the Table: Chancellor Mark Mone explains how Moon Shot is helping UWM students (April 20, 2023)

Data and statistics


UWM Fall 2019 enrollment: 26,167

  • African American: 6%
  • Asian American: 4%
  • International: 5%
  • Latino/a: 3%
  • Multi-ethnic: 13%
  • Southeast Asian American: 2%
  • Unknown: 1%
  • White: 66%

Percentage of full-time students who received a Pell Grant: 35%

Note: Race/ethnicities are based on standard campus reporting categories by the Office of Assessment and Institutional Research. This differs from the U.S. Department of Education method, which counts all Latino/a students in a “Hispanic/Latino” category regardless of whether they are multi-ethnic.

Six-year graduation rates

  • All UWM students: 43%
  • Hispanic: 36%
  • Black, non-Hispanic: 24%
  • White, non-Hispanic: 47%
  • Asian: 47%

Received a Pell Grant at entry: 36%

Note: Based on Fall 2013 full-time new freshman cohort. Data provided by UWM for regional dashboard compiled by the Higher Education Regional Alliance (HERA). This data is based on federal Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) definitions for race and ethnicity.

Graduation projections

The following table shows projected numbers of UWM bachelor’s degree graduates for each school year through 2032-33 both without and with the closure of graduation rate gaps.


(Summer to Spring)

Projected Bachelor’s Graduates at UW-Milwaukee*

(Only includes students from the Main Campus with no prior degrees/completions from UWM; Flex degrees are excluded)

Graduation rate gaps not closed for underrepresented minority students Graduation rate gaps closed for underrepresented minority students** Difference due to gap closure
20-21 3,593 3,593 0
21-22 3,544 3,545 1
22-23 3,460 3,476 16
23-24 3,301 3,352 50
24-25 3,184 3,366 182
25-26 3,147 3,341 194
26-27 3,132 3,336 204
27-28 3,144 3,350 206
28-29 3,173 3,382 209
29-30 3,182 3,391 208
30-31 3,159 3,366 206
31-32 3,116 3,318 202
32-33 3,076 3,277 201
Total: 1,880

*Data sources used:
-UWM Data Warehouse
-Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, Knocking at the College Door: Projections of High School Graduates, 2020,

**Gaps closed over most of the first six years after entry as new freshmen or new transfers, beginning with the Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 cohorts

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More information

Read this informational handout for a summary of Moon Shot for Equity goals both at UWM and for the regional partnership.

Impact at Georgia State

The Moon Shot for Equity initiative includes many best practices that already have been shown to be effective at other institutions. Georgia State University, for example, eliminated the equity gap among all races and economic levels over the past decade by using data from EAB’s technology tools to determine changes and practices that would better serve students. Tim Renick, Georgia State’s senior vice president for student success, traveled to Milwaukee in February 2020 to share his university’s story of transformation in this engaging presentation.