Phase 2

Phase 2 will focus on migrating shared phone numbers to Microsoft Teams. A shared phone number refers to a number that reaches a group of individuals or a department/location. For example, a phone number shared by multiple employees, the front desk for a department, reception area, or phone tree.

This is an ongoing effort and IT professionals are working area-by-area to ensure shared numbers are carefully reviewed. All migrations are coordinated through AT&T and we are dependent on their timelines. Phase 2 migrations include phone lines on the Milwaukee campus. The College of General Studies’ migration will be addressed in a later project phase.

For more information about Phase 1 of the project, please see the project Phase 1 page. A small number of individual phone numbers are still in Phase 1 and will be migrated with Phase 2. Conference rooms and labs will be migrated towards the end of Phase 2. Iwatsu phone systems and call centers will be the focus of Phase 3; more information on that will be added soon.

What to expect

  • Project team members will reach out to representatives from areas around campus to confirm shared phone numbers and will discuss the purpose and usage of the phone number
  • A member of the project technical team will finalize and confirm the details of the phone number
  • Once a date is established, representatives will be informed of the date of the migration of the phone number to Teams
  • After migration, the shared phone number is only accessible through Microsoft Teams

Shared Number Resources