The study of Philosophy can be challenging because it asks students to critically examine very fundamental questions about what it means to be human - behavior, values, ethics, logic, aesthetics. Some describe it as "thinking in slow motion" because of the way it explores in depth the human experience.

Students choose philosophy because it instills a lifelong love and quest for knowledge, it imparts a disciplined and systematic way of thinking, and it enhances critical and analytical capacities. Most graduates of philosophy describe the great personal reward that comes from exploring the great thinkers of the past in the context of modern issues. But, they also passionately value the career skills that they developed - how to read and comprehend difficult text;, how to understand different interpretations of information and assess opposing viewpoints; how to craft a clear and logical position on an issue in writing and orally; and how to make connections between smaller, seemingly disparate details and the big picture.

By mid-career, philosophy majors out earn business majors on average because their knowledge and skills make them excellent leaders in business, nonprofit, law, government work, education, and more.

Philosophy students at UWM benefit from the program's high ranking at the graduate level. Some of the best graduate students in the country come to UWM for their master's work and undergraduates work right alongside of these rising stars in the field. The undergraduate program is also relatively small, resulting in more one-on-one attention from faculty than might be found at another university.

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