Students of History do not just memorize the past. They ask questions about the past in order to solve problems of the present.

History is an original liberal arts field and is designed to prepare students for any type of profession that emphasizes critical analysis, reading of dense texts, creative problem-solving, and oral and written communication. History majors collect and analyze evidence to construct arguments, propose new interpretations, formulate conclusions, test hypotheses, and communicate new ideas.

There is no typical job for a history major. Our graduates can be found in all types of companies and in all types of roles, as well as graduate programs in History and other related humanities and social science fields. Students' career choices after college are often guided by how they applied their coursework to real world applications during college. Internships, part-time jobs, and volunteer experiences help students network during college and shape their career choices after graduation.

At UWM, undergraduates can work on research projects such as the Encyclopedia of Milwaukee. The opportunity to participate in research as an undergraduate is a distinct advantage for UWM students. At most large, research universities, research opportunities for undergraduates are limited; there are fewer of them and they often are reserved for juniors or seniors. At UWM, you can get involved as early as freshman year. Students work directly with faculty and graduate students on their current research projects, and sometimes find themselves published in a peer-reviewed journal right alongside the faculty member. Participating in undergraduate research is an excellent way to enhance your resume for graduate school or employment.

History is also available at UWM as on online major - all of the classes for the major can be competed online if desired, or students can mix-and-match assorted online and traditional-format classes.

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