Majoring in English provides students with a wealth of intellectual and practical learning, a foundation to future success. In today's high-technology, interconnected world, the ability to read carefully, think imaginatively, understand others, and communicate across all types of platforms and formats is essential.

Students in the English major at UWM get to choose a track and focus their studies on an area of particular interest:

  • Literature and Cultural Theory - where the reading and analysis of literature from different countries and periods is emphasized
  • Rhetoric and Professional Writing - practical approaches to writing well in all genres and contexts, including business and technical documents and digital platforms
  • Creative Writing - ideal for students who love fiction and poetry
  • Media, Cinema, and Digital Studies - a comparative perspective of the the many forms of communication through media such as film, tv, games, and the web
  • Open Focus - for students seeking a broad education in the various areas of English studies

In small classes, our students learn to understand the power and possibilities of the English language across the centuries and around the world. Students learn to think critically, write persuasively, argue logically, delve deeply into history, and explore their own creativity. Students are challenged to examine their own assumptions, sharpen their writing, and learn how to read and understand even the most difficult works, from fiction to philosophy.

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