Center for 21st Century Studies

The Center for 21st Century Studies (C21), a UW System Center of Excellence at the UWM campus, leads the way in imagining, defining, and creating the burgeoning field of 21st century studies, focusing on the intersection of the humanities, arts, and sciences (social and natural) with issues of compelling concern.

C21 supports the study of pressing issues of the 21st century. Its scholarly work focuses on the future, present, and very recent past. C21 also encourages contemporary, cutting-edge study of the arts, humanities, and social sciences in all fields, and at all historical periods. By studying what is distinctive about issues of the present or near future, we are able to rethink our study of the past. Finally, C21 also sponsors and supports the creation and deployment of 21st-century modes of research, analysis, and representation.

Each year C21 designates a theme that lends itself to multidisciplinary study as the subject for its research. A group of about five fellows from different departments and disciplines at UWM is selected. These fellows are given time and space to further develop their 21st century themed research project. They participate in bi-weekly seminars and public programs throughout the year, and they present the results of their research in a public forum. The theme for the 2015-16 academic year is Indigeneities.

C21 regularly hosts conferences and colloquia that attract national and international scholars to gather together to share their research and academic work.