Congratulations! Joanne Lazirko Award for Excellence in Teaching with Technology goes to Yael Gal-Ben Yitschak, lecturer, foreign languages and literature

Yael Gal Ben-Yitschak is one of the primary pioneers in promoting quality language teaching with technologies at UWM. Thanks to her tireless efforts working with the Hebrew Studies program, the language community at UWM received the very first Smart Board from a community donor in 2012, which was then installed in one of the labs in the Language Resource Center. This piece of equipment has been shared by all the instructors and students who use the lab facility. In her Hebrew classes (Hebrew 101, 102, 201, 202), Mrs. Ben-yitschak has used hundreds of lesson plans consisting of interactive Smart Board activities that she created by herself. These activities not only help students develop their language proficiency, but also enhance students’ presentation, collaboration, and communication skills that align with the 21st century skills.

Yael has helped train language instructors from all the language programs since 2014. She has provided several Smart Board Pedagogy training every semester as part of the LRC Technology Workshop Series. Over 80 instructors participated in these workshops.