Focus on Culture: Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese 200 is a course in which students learn about the history and methods of Chinese calligraphy. Throughout the course, students will learn a variety of different Chinese calligraphy styles and methods. Each style has its own unique brush strokes and methods of writing, marking the changes the Chinese language has had over the past thousands of years. An everyday class will have a lecture portion explaining the significance and techniques of the current script the students are studying as well as a practice portion in which students will use ink and paper to practice calligraphy strokes and a variety of Chinese characters. Even though this course involves writing Chinese characters, there is no language requirement to enroll in this course. Even someone who has no past knowledge of Chinese language will still be able to take this course and enjoy it. I enjoyed this course very much and thought it gave a lot of insight on Chinese history and culture. Since Chinese calligraphy is very important to Chinese society and understanding its history, anyone who has an interest in China should enroll in Chinese 200.

-Katie L