In Summer 2016, the Inclusive Excellence Center (IEC) will launch a new initiative to support undocumented students: dreamers*. This effort will include professional development for campus employees and a resource guide for campus community members. The initiative recognizes dreamers are not monolithic. As a student population in the U.S. there are unique challenges for dreamers, who may be DACA-mented, undocumented, etc.

*The IEC is aware the term ‘dreamers’ is politicized as well as highly recognizable; it is used with all this in mind.


College Guide Series for Undocumented Students 

College Success Guide – https://thebestschools.org/resources/undocumented-students-guide-college/

College Protections – https://thebestschools.org/resources/colleges-protect-undocumented-students/

Knowing Your Rights – https://thebestschools.org/resources/undocumented-students-rights/

Advocacy and Support – https://thebestschools.org/resources/undocumented-students-advocacy-support/

DACA and Key Legislature – https://thebestschools.org/resources/undocumented-students-daca-laws/

Financial Aid Guide – https://thebestschools.org/resources/undocumented-students-financial-aid/