Helpful Resources

Academic Resources

Dean of Student’s Office 

“If you need someone to listen, help, or lend a hand, the Dean of Students Office is your first stop.” Go here for emergency grants, laptop loans, the food pantry, reporting sexual assault and academic misconduct, medical withdrawal, mental health services, and more!

Division of Student Affairs

“We are dedicated to helping all students be successful during their time at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) and beyond.” They manage all departments that run campus life! These include Advocacy & Engagement, Athletics, Dean of Students, Student Health and Wellbeing, Student Learning, Planning & Assessment, and Student Life & Services. Looking to work for the university? Check here!

Student Success Center

“We know UWM can be a big place, let us help you navigate it!” This is the place to go for academic help like Peer Mentoring, Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction. They also house other support programming such as Fostering Success, MKE Scholars, Fund for Wisconsin Scholars, First-Year Forward, and Pounce Back Support.

Academic Advising

“Our advisors help students navigate their program and path to graduation.” The academic advising website can help you find your advisor based on your major, which falls under a specific school within UWM. Your advisor helps you plan and enroll in your classes.

Personal/Safety Resources

UWM Welcome Center

Center for Student Experience & Talent

University Housing

Off-Campus Resource Center (Neighborhood Housing) 

UWM Transportation Services

UWM Police

Student Health and Wellness Center (SHAW)

Title lX

Hate/Bias Incident Report

UWM Land Acknowledgement

Academic Support

MKE Scholars

First-Year Forward

Fund For Wisconsin Scholars (FFWS)

Fostering Success at UWM

Community Partners

City Year Milwaukee

ACLU Wisconsin

Voces De La Frontera