About Us


Opening its doors in September of 2012, the student-founded First-Generation+ Resource Center (FG+RC) is located in Union EG39. This office is a student fee funded entity and is primarily dedicated to working with and promoting diversity, equity, and social justice on campus.

The FG+RC is home to three unique programs: U1.0 UW-M First-Generation Program, Lawton Scholars Program, and DREAMERS

The U1.0 program is primarily designed to assist first-generation students get acclimated to life on campus. It regularly holds events in the office for first-generation students. For more information on U1.0, click here.

The Lawton Scholars Program is a scholarship program designed to increase the retention and degree attainment for underrepresented racial/ethnic minority students in the UW-System. To learn more about the Lawton Scholars Program, click here.

The FG+RC is the central location for the DREAMERS Initiative. This initiative is an effort to support undocumented students. For more information about DREAMERS, click here.

The FG+RC is considered a “brave space” which is a location that does not tolerate any form of bigotry, harassment and intended ignorance towards students’ race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, etc.

Our Mission

The First-Generation+ Resource Center (FG+RC) is committed to cultivating an intercultural, equitable climate and learning environment for all UW-Milwaukee members. The FG+RC appreciates diversity and strives for excellence in fostering peer-to-peer connections and critically reflective opportunities through initiatives, experiences, and collaborations. The FG+RC is invested in creating a socially just campus that includes different perspectives, engage in authentic and challenging dialogue, and connect vibrant and global communities.

The goals of our office are as follows:

  • Promote an inclusive campus environment.
  • Remain committed to equity as a guiding principal.
  • Engage students in intercultural exchange to explore the various dimensions of diversity.
  • Provide opportunities to develop the skills required of citizens of global and diverse communities.
  • Decrease the number of bias incidents occurring on campus and within the community of UWM.

CASE Mission

Mission: The Centers for Advocacy and Student Engagement (CASE) collaborate to support and advocate for marginalized students through comprehensive programs, resources, professional development, and community connections in Milwaukee.  

CASE Shared Values: 

  • Advocacy – Engage and uplift the voices of marginalized communities at UWM. 
  • Affirmation – Build a community that celebrates and respects students’ diverse experiences, identities, and self-worth. 
  • Empowerment – Motivate students to develop agency and control over their college experience.   
  • Community Care – Foster belonging and shared responsibility for student success.