Lawton Advocates


Stay tuned to meet the Fall 2024 Lawton Advocates!

Meet the Advocates! (Spring 2024)

Mayle Aburto
Hi! My name is Mayle Aburto (she/her). I am a junior studying for my Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and IT Management. Outside of my Lawton Advocate role, I enjoy spending time with my family, trying different coffees shops in Milwaukee, and spending time with my shih-tzu and orange cat! I am excited to be an advocate and hope to make a positive impact in the Lawton community!

Melanie Alfaro
Hi beautiful people, my name is Melanie Alfaro, and I am a third-year English education student! I am a proud Salvadoreña, born and raised in Wisconsin, but hoping to teach in another state! As of now, I aim to teach at the high school level. However, I will technically be able to teach middle school as well. After obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I aim to attend graduate school and get my masters in curriculum and instruction. Outside of being a Lawton Advocate I am also a literacy tutor for SPARK aka the Boys and Girls Club, as well as a retail associate at Bayshore! Some fun facts about me: I have a dog named Pepper, my favorite color is green, my favorite movie is any Marvel movie, and I love a good adventure.
In the end, I aim to be that individual who can support and encourage others! I am forever willing to listen, guide, and advocate for you. Therefore, I hope that as a Lawton Advocate, I am able to provide you with any and all support you need to reach success.

Olivia Bosen
My name is Olivia Boesen, and I am currently a senior in my third and final year at UWM majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology. I am a first-generation Mexican American student who aspires to eventually work with high school students. In my free time, I enjoy many different activities such as yoga, crafting, building Lego sets, gardening, trying new restaurants, traveling, and shopping. The Lawton program has assisted me with getting involved on campus and with accessing resources outside of UWM, so I hope I can make school a little more accessible for other students as an Advocate.


Isabel Chiriboga-Pineda
My name is Isabel Chiriboga-Pineda (she/her/ella) and I am a junior majoring in sociology. My favorite thing about sociology is that because it is so broad, it can be applied to various other fields and can truly be tailored to one’s specific passions. In the future I hope to go into academia and be able to conduct sociological research of my own. Outside of sociology, I like to spend time with my younger sisters, write and do crafts like crochet. Another thing I love to do is travel. I have been to various states in Mexico, Ecuador and have even studied abroad in London. This is my first semester as a Lawton Advocate but my fourth semester in the Lawton program overall. I look forward to meeting everybody and being as helpful to my scholars as my advocates have been for me in the past.

Angel Churney
Hi, I’m Angel. I’m a Marine Corps Veteran. This is my 4th semester in Lawton as well as my 2nd semester as an advocate. I’m a junior studying social work and have a passion for helping others. I’m mostly interested in working with veterans or children. Being chronologically ill, I have a deep passion in advocacy. I’m a brain surgery survivor and no matter what, I don’t give up. I can’t wait to meet you this semester and I hope I can help you along the way.

Alexandra Mae DeGroot
Hi! My name is Alex DeGroot. I am an Architecture major with a sociology minor and a certification in Urban Planning. I am also the Manager of the School of Architecture Woodshop. I love to travel and studied abroad in Paris a couple summer. During my time abroad, I ventured out of France to explore Munich, Germany and Venice, Italy where I discovered an interest in backpacking and hiking. During school, my free time is typically spent in the woodshop either helping students or working on various projects learning the craft.

Geramiah Drew
Hello! My name is Geramiah Drew, and I’m a Neuroscience and Biology double major, with a minor in Chemistry. I work for in the MAVRC (Military and Veterans Resource Center) and Dr. Georgiou’s laboratory on campus. When I’m not working, you can usually find me playing video games, spending time with friends or family, or playing instruments.

Anthony Elwood
My name is Anthony Elwood. I am a first-generation student currently attending UWM in the Business program. I am a senior, business major focusing on Supply Chain Management and Information Technology Management.

Noemi Fregoso Gonzalez 
Hello! I’m Noemi Fregoso Gonzalez, a senior majoring in marketing, and I’m thrilled to say I’ve been a Lawton Scholar and Advocate for a total of 3 years now. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with roots tracing back to Mexico through my parents, I’ve embraced my first-generation journey.
Beyond my academic pursuits, I enjoy exploring new places, trying out different activities, learning new languages and picking up new skills. My academic journey has been spiced up by not one but two study abroad experiences – one in Rome, Italy, and the other in Seoul, South Korea. These experiences have fueled my passion for promoting the benefits of studying abroad, even though my photos may not capture it all. Looking forward to more adventures in the future!

Jennifer (Jenny) Garcia
Hello, my name is Jennifer but feel free to call me Jenny. I have been part of Lawton for over 5 semesters, but this is my first semester as a lead advocate. My goal is to help other students grow academically and personally, just as I was able to do as a Lawton scholar. I strive to be a great resource for students this upcoming semester! Here’s a little bit about me, my major is early childhood education, and I enjoy doing arts and crafts and spending time outdoors. Additionally, this school year I am the president of the Latinx Student Union (LSU) at UWM so if you are interested in learning more, let me know!

Miguel Gutierrez
Hi everyone. My name is Miguel Gutierrez and I am currently a junior! I am now a double majoring in Supply Chain Management and Finance. What I like to enjoy doing in my free time is playing basketball or working out at the Klotsche Center. Sometimes I also enjoy going out around Milwaukee and do photography.

Ouray Harper
My name is Ouray Harper! I’m a General Business Major with a focus in Finance and Real Estate. This is my fourth semester in Lawton! After graduating, I plan on coming back to pursue my MBA as well.

Melody N Her
Hello! I’m Melody Her. I’m Hmong American and the second oldest out of my seven siblings. I’m a junior majoring in JAMS (Journalism, Ad/PR, and Media studies), and my concentration is on PR. I also double minor in psychology and sociology. I hope to secure an internship this summer, but overall, I want to one day travel while also creating campaigns around the world. This will be my first time as a Lawton Advocate, and I’ll do my best to be a good resource for scholars. Some random fun facts about myself: I have an unhealthy obsession with pink, K-pop, and the Sanrio character My Melody (see why?). I hope your semester goes well, excited to meet you guys!

Victoria Hernandez
Hi! My name is Victoria Hernandez, and my pronouns are she/Her/s. I am currently a junior at UWM Lubar School of Business and am currently majoring in general Business with an emphasis in Finance and International Business as well as enrolled in the pre-law program. I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas but finished my high school education in Green Bay, WI. I am a Mexican American first-generation student and want to give back to my community when I finish my education as a legal Immigration Lawyer. Currently, I am the Vice President of Professionalism within Delta Sigma Phi- Xi Chi (Co-Ed Business Fraternity) as well as an intern at Molson Coors Beverage as a DEI Student Professional. I am a very busy person but when I can decompress, I mainly focus on spending time with my family and friends. I love watching movies/any recommended movies-shows and love creating ceramic/pottery art specifically from the wheel. A fun fact about me is that I am also a professional cat sitter! This is currently my first semester as a Lawton advocate and am very excited to be your advisor and am here to answer any questions you may have! Look forward to meeting all of you!

Vicente Janik
Hello, my name is Vicente Janik. I am a senior pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice/Criminology along with a major in Psychology. I enjoy reading philosophy, true crime, and classic literature. When I am not studying or reading I like to play guitar or go out on runs with my friends. I thoroughly enjoy helping others achieve their goals in school and I love to serve my community.

Paola Lara
My name is Paola Lara and I am a Junior here at UWM majoring in Accounting. This is my second year in the Lawton Program but it’s my first year being a Lawton advocate. I was born here in Milwaukee, but my family is from Michoacan, Mexico. Once I graduate, I plan on attending graduate school and hopefully getting my CPA license. I enjoy playing soccer, going on hikes, binge-watching tv shows, and shopping. I am looking forward to this upcoming semester!

Cheyenne Lindsey
Hello everyone! My name is Cheyenne Lindsey and I am a senior here at UWM. My expected graduation date is December 2024. I am a first-generation student majoring in Nursing and I also work as a care aid and art instructor when off campus. I am also a part of the UWM Nursing Scholar Program and a fellow in the national Campus Vote Project. I am always very busy studying and learning new nursing skills, but when I have free time, I love to explore! I am a naturally curious person, so hobbies that interest me include drawing, listening to music, reading, hiking, traveling, cooking, baking, gaming, and many others! This is my second semester as a Lawton advocate, and I love the students I work with and the Lawton community at UWM!

Anthony Montano
Hello! My name is Anthony Montano and I am a senior here at UWM double majoring in Mathematics and Economics. Following graduation, I plan on orienting myself into a research position to further build up my CV for graduate school applications in the field of Economics.  Currently, I work as a Research Assistant here at UWM but am hoping to land a research job immediately after graduation. When I’m not hitting the books for my final semester, you can find me playing games on the PC, creating new playlists on Spotify to define whatever my current mood is, and hyperfixating on a new random interest.  I was born in Waukesha, but I’ve lived here in Milwaukee practically my whole life since then. This is my first time as a Lawton Advocate, but I look forward to getting to know all of you!

Ellie Mungo
Hello! My name is Ellie Mungo and I am a senior Musical Theatre major with a Music minor. I have been in Lawton for 4 semesters with two of them as an advocate! In my free time I like to play with my fur baby Archie, hang out with friends, and read books (preferably with a cup of tea in hand). I love honing my craft as a theatre practitioner by participating in or watching shows around Milwaukee! I’m excited to work with my scholars this semester and I’m always available to help!

Brittany Munoz
Hi! My name is Brittany Munoz, and I am a senior at UW-Milwaukee. I am studying Communication Sciences and Disorders in hopes of becoming a speech pathologist. This is my second year as an advocate with Lawton, and I love getting to know everyone and their unique situation. As a parenting student, I am passionate about getting all students connected to useful campus resources. In my free time, I love hanging out with my husband, son, and 2 cats! I also love reading romance books and trying new hobbies!

Dayanara Ortiz
Hello everyone, My name is Dayanara D. Soto-Ortiz but I also go by Daya. I am proudly 100% Puerto Rican, born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I love the beautiful Island where my family comes from 🙂 I am a senior here at UWM entering my last semester at UWM letters & Science College majoring in Psychology. After college, I hope to receive a Masters in Animal health and Behavior. I have been with the Lawton program for 5 semesters! After being a Scholar, then Advocate, I am excited to end my last semester as a Lead Advocate. My time with Lawton has been very resourceful as it helped me understand better on how to achieve my goals as both a full-time student and as an advocate. I learned many new things with this program and hope to extend the help to others and share what this program gives. During my free time I love to spend time with my friends and family, volunteer , play with my pets, travel, read books, watch tv, and more! A fun fact about myself is I have a twin sister who is my best friend.

Salvador Prado
Hey there, I’m Salvador, but you can call me Sal. I’m currently a junior, and I’m juggling a double major in Global Studies and Japanese, with a minor in Spanish. Milwaukee, WI is where I was born, but my family’s roots trace back to Mexico.
When I’m not buried in textbooks and lectures, I’m deeply involved in campus life. You’ll find me working for the Roberto Hernandez Center and the Global Studies Department, contributing my bit to make our university a better place. I’m also the President of the Japanese Culture Association and serve as the Vice-President of the Global Student Alliance. Additionally, I’m actively involved as a committee chair for the Latinx Student Union, where we strive to foster inclusivity and unity for all student organizations.
But it’s not all work and no play for me! During my free time, you’ll catch me lost in science fiction novels and manga. And when it’s time to unwind, you can bet I’ll be binge-watching anime or having a blast playing video games with my buddies. Laughter and good times are always on the agenda.
If you need any guidance on campus resources, want to stay in the loop about upcoming cultural events, or simply want to connect with the fantastic student organizations I’m part of, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to make your university journey exciting and memorable. So, let’s make the most of our time here together!

Esther Rocha
Hey everyone! My name is Esther Rocha and I am a proud panther in my junior year of college. I’m also proud to say I’m a first-generation student in a Mexican household, I’m able to continue my studies thanks to my parents hard work. My goal is to major in Radiology and get a degree as a Radiology Technician with a minor in Healthcare Administration. I am very excited to start the UWM Radiology program this Fall 2024! Outside of school, I love to be outdoors enjoying the little summer that we get in Wisconsin. Taking walks, going to the lake and having picnics are my favorite. I hope to be a good resource to all my scholars and be able to help them in any way that I can!

Neng Thao
I am Neng Thao studying Electrical Engineering here at UWM. I am from Green Bay, Wisconsin. My goals are to finish my major with a bachelor’s degree and afterwards travel and enjoy what the world has to offer in the beauty of nature. I currently had done an electrical engineering co-op for a paper company and did a job well done there and have an offer to be an employee there after college. I love to be outdoors fishing, hunting, playing sports like golf, flag football, and much more. Anything outdoors I am usually there.

Alex Valenzuela Casiquez
Heyo! My name’s Alex and I’m a Junior studying Business Marketing and pursuing a Cultures and Communities Certificate here at UWM. I’ve spent two semesters as a Lawton Scholar, and I loved the experience so much that I pursued becoming an Advocate. With this being my first semester of being an Advocate, I hope to provide guidance and support and to share all the knowledge I’ve learned with my upcoming scholars! Some things I love to do for fun are journaling, songwriting, producing, socializing, and playing video games. I typically keep a fairly busy schedule, but I’m always flexible with what I can get done. I’m very excited to start this new chapter with you all and to be a helpful resource!

Kalei Vasquez
Hello! My name is Kalei Vasquez (my first name is pronounced cuh-LAY) and I’m a Junior here at UWM majoring in Communication with minors in Film and Journalism. I was born in Los Angeles and raised mostly here in Milwaukee, but my parents are respectively Bolivian and Mexican. In my free time, I like reading, writing, and traveling anywhere whenever I get the chance. Besides being a Lawton Advocate, I also work at the East Town Association where I help plan events like Bastille Days, Jazz in the Park, and the Milwaukee Oktoberfest (you should all come when they start up again this summer!). This is my second semester working as an Advocate and I really like meeting and getting to know the variety of students that study here at UWM!

Alessandra Villalobos
I’m Alessandra Villalobos, a junior Marketing major and first-generation student. I am currently working in a small business social media internship focused on exploring digital innovations in the marketing world.